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After School Club


At St Peter’s CE Primary School we recognise the value of extra-curricular activities and are fully committed to offering a wide and varied programme of activities for children of all ages to enjoy.  Our provision includes both sporting and non-sporting opportunities; which are led by school staff and a range of outside providers including Dramatic Dreams and Pelican Music. 

We continually review our extra-curricular provision and are delighted to have recently added Mini Cricket and Circuit Training to our rather extensive list. 

Currently we have over 157 pupils from Reception up to Year 6 attending one or more of the clubs on offer. 




Cricket - Y3 & Y4

Multi Sports - Reception

Choir - Y1 & Y2

Drama - Y3 & Y4

11+ Club - Y4 & Y5

Rounders Club - Y5 & Y6



Imaginative Play  - Reception

Yoga -Y1 & Y2

Zumba - Y3 & Y4

Football - Y5 & Y6



 Imaginative Play - Reception

Art Club - Y1 & Y2 

Mathletics/ Readiwriter -Y3 & Y4

Football - Y3 & Y4

Street Dance - Y5 & Y6



Drama - Reception

Football - Y1 & Y2

Street Dance - Y1 & Y2

Beginners’ French - Y3 & Y4

Mathletics/ Readiwriter - Y5 & Y6




Cricket - Y5 & Y6 

Football - Reception

Lego Club - Y1 & Y2

Street Dance - Y3 & Y4 

Basketball - Y5 & Y6


Breakfast Club

For children in our breakfast club, the school day begins at 8.00 am. A breakfast of toast, cereal and fresh fruit plus juice is provided. The children have the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities including board games and crafts.