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St Peters Hammersmith


History and Geography 

At St Peters we provide an inclusive geographical and historical curriculum that provides a means for children to explore and understand the world in which we live. It is integral to us that children are able reflect on how the world has evolved, and implement this knowledge to appreciate our world today. Each child possesses a unique “personal geography and history”, and we aim to build on this to provide children with the determination and skills to provide a broader context on a local, national and global level.

We focus our attention on the importance of concepts, skills and processes involved in these areas. In history, we aim for children to have a chronological understanding of both British and world history. In Geography, children focus on the physical features and human features of our world.

We encourage children to learn through experience, and value fieldwork as an important part of our curriculum. Children are given opportunities to visit museums, galleries and historic buildings. In addition, we ensure field trips are organised to give children the opportunity to learn about new geographical environments. We also use a wide variety of resources including: maps, reference books, artefacts and people to provide an interesting and engaging curriculum.