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At St Peter’s we operate a Family Dining system for lunches, with the aim of creating a family/community feel to our lunchtimes with adults and children serving one another food and eating together. All of our food is cooked on site by our amazing Head Chef Andrew and his team; our menus have been specifically designed to ensure they are nutritionally balanced to support healthy eating whilst also allowing the children to taste a range of new flavours and dishes.  Representatives from our pupil body meet with our Head Chef on a regular basis to discuss the menus and feedback their thoughts on the dishes provided.

This approach to dining and the food we provide our children has proven extremely popular with all members of our school community and actively promotes healthy eating throughout the school. Parents often ask our Head Chef to share his recipes with them as the children praise them at home, whilst phrases such as ‘This is the best chicken curry I have every eaten’ and ‘This lasagne is even better than my mum’s!’ can frequently be heard in our restaurant.

A lunchbox is kept in the Reception area in order to allow parents and pupils the opportunity to share their lunchtime suggestions and favourite recipes with Andrew. Additionally, Andrew runs twice after-school cookery classes for the children in order to teach them basic cookery skills, alongside this he also recently taught Miss Frazer how to bake a cake!

All pupils at St Peter’s have a hot school lunch every day and we are extremely proud of the service we provide. We were recently awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency.




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