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St Peters Hammersmith


Welcome to Reception!

Our teacher is Mrs Noonan

Our Early Years Educator is Miss Wheeler


“Health is the real wealth”

Mahatma Gandhi


Sports day

I hope the children all thoroughly enjoyed their first Sports Day! They were all fantastic! It is along tiring day but they showed amazing amounts of energy, even when that egg would not stay on the spoon they showed great resilience to not give up and even though the sacks were bigger than they were the jumped there way over the finish line! Have a look at some of the highlights of the day below…



Following our fantastic Sports day last Friday we have celebrated our Health and wellbeing week in school. The children have been focusing on how to keep their bodies healthy and doing lots of exercises. There has been a variety of workshops the children have taken part in including a PSHE workshop all about having healthy bodies, a dance workshop to keep us fit and talk from Corum Education the where the children met Harold the Giraffe who taught them all about keeping safe. We have had a great week, have a look at the gallery to see what we have been up to.



One of Mrs Noonan’s favourite workshops is always the Kidzfit workshop – mainly due to the classic tunes they use to exercise too such as ‘the crazy frog’, ‘The Macarena’ and Black laces ‘Superman!’ have a look at these videos to see the children's moves!

Book fair

Make sure you check out the book fair which is taking place in the Scott Hall  from 3.30 - 4pm till Wednesday 26th. There is a lovely selection of books to choose from. 

Summer Fair

I hope to see lots of you at the summer fair tomorrow in St Peter’s Square from 11am.

Buddy Trip to the Zoo

Letters were sent home this week with details of our trip to the Zoo with our Year 6 Buddies. Please return permission slips as soon as possible and log onto Parent mail to make the payment for this trip. Thank you to the PTA who have heavily subsidised this trip to ensure the children have a great day travelling safely by coach and having even more time to explore the zoo!

Dad’s and Significant Lad’s Breakfast

It was great to see so many of you at our breakfast last week Thursday. I’m sure you will agree the food was delicious as always!

Open evening

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and join us for open evening to have a look at your child’s profiles. A few parents couldn’t make this date, if you would like to come and have a look at your child’s profile before or after school next week please let me know. It is so nice to look back and reflect on the great progress the children have made in their first year at school.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan


“It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture”


On Wednesday we had a DT Day. This terms DT day focused on games. Every child in the school made some kind of game and in Reception we made jigsaw puzzles. There were many steps to make the jigsaw and the children had to carefully plan and design. Firstly, they drew the picture that they wanted to be on their jigsaws and drew this in a detail. We had to think about the background of our work and make sure that each pieces of the jigsaw had some of the picture on it. Then we had to re draw our design onto the real wooden jigsaws and colour them in. Finally, we had a go making our own jigsaws following our plans. I hope everyone enjoys remaking their jigsaws at home!











On Thursday morning, Reception were amazing in the poetry recital assembly. We were first up (which is always a bit daunting) but we set the outstanding standard for everyone to follow. The children all remembered our poem ‘The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ brilliantly and performed with loud, clear voices and actions. Have a look at the video to see our performance.


A busy few weeks ahead…

As always at this time of year we have a lot happening at school. Here are some dates and information for the next few weeks.

Wednesday 12th June – Wear your sports kit. We are raising money for a sports charity who will be visiting us during our Health and Wellbeing week. Please wear any sports kit that you like on this day and bring in a donation.

Thursday 13th June – Dad and significant lads breakfast from 8am in the Scott Hall

Friday 14th June – SPORTS DAY. Please read the letters that have been emailed about the details for Sports day, and if you haven’t already please RSVP with your travel details ASAP

Monday 17th  - Friday 21st June Health and Wellbeing week. The children can wear PE Kits all week. Throughout the week, the children will be taking part in lots of activities all about our health and wellbeing.

Wednesday 19th June 3.30 – 4.30pm and Thursday 20th June 8.00 – 8.45am Open Classroom. Come along to the reception classroom to have a look at the children’s profile books and see what we have been upto.

Friday 21st June – Own Clothes day – bring a bottle for the Tombola at the Summer Fair

Saturday 22nd June – Summer Fair

Thursday 27th June – Reception and Year 6 buddy trip – letter to be sent separately with information

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan

“We were so good, I don’t know what to say!”


Sharing Assembly


Oskar summed up the classes performance pretty well…finding the right words to describe just how amazing the children were isn’t easy so I’ll stick with my favourite word. They were OUTSTANDING. I have been so proud all week of how hard the children have been working to be ready for the assembly. It’s not easy to learn all of those lines, sing the songs and remember when it your turn, but Reception looked like professionals! Many of staff and children commented on how well the children did. Well done the all of the children for working so hard to get ready for the assembly and doing so well on the day!













After our five star performance, the children had a nice relaxed morning before attending the Year 6 Young Enterprise Event. Armed with handfuls of coins the children loved going around each stall trying to win some prizes, taking part in a game or paying for raffle tickets. Year 6 created a fantastic event and fingers crossed; they raised lots of money towards their well-deserved trip to Guildford Spectrum.

Half term homework

Over half term please practise our poem ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ with the children. We practised a little bit on Friday afternoon but it would be brilliant if the children can try to learn this over the week. The poetry assembly is on Thursday 6th June at 9am in the Scott Hall.

Another half term is done. It is crazy to think that we only have 7 weeks left of school before this class will be spreading their wings and leaving Reception and getting ready for Year 1.

See you all again on Tuesday 4th June.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan

"I'm far too busy!"🕷️🕸️

The Very Busy Spider 


Just like the Very Busy Spider we have had a very busy week in Reception. Rehearsals for our Sharing Assembly have been in full swing this week! The children are all working exceptionally hard to remember their lines, the words for the songs and the extra special dance moves they are going to show everyone next week. We have been to the hall to learn where we are going to sit and most importantly practise using a loud clear voice so that everyone in the hall will be able to hear us. Also, our painting skills have been put to good use to help us make our props.

The assembly will be on Friday 24th May at 9am in the Scott Hall

Parents – if you could please bring in your child’s plain coloured t-shirt and black trousers leggings by Tuesday in a named bag that will be fantastic and will allow us to do a dress rehearsal on Wednesday.
On Thursday we will send the outfits home so that the children can come to school on Thursday morning in the outfit ready for the assembly. Please make sure you child has their uniform to change into after the assembly.

We also enjoyed celebrating with our buddies on Thursday afternoon. They have been working so hard on their SATs and deserved a treat…so they got to come and play with us! Seeing as it was such a lovely, sunny day we all headed to St Peter’s square. Have a look at the gallery to see the fun we had!







Y6 Young Enterprise

As part of a project to develop their economic awareness, Year 6 children are taking part in an exciting phenomenon at St. Peter’s, The Young Enterprise competition.

 The aim of the project is for the children to raise money by designing activities that can be enjoyed by younger children throughout the school.   Each Year 6 child will be given £3.00 to support them in this task, which will be returned to the school after the event.   A prize will be given to the group who manages to raise the most money (per head).

 The event will be held on Friday 24th May and, in order for it to be successful, we will invite each class throughout the school to participate.   There will be games, competitions, art activities and much more.   Prizes can be won and items can be bought.

 I would therefore ask that the children are allowed to bring money to school on this day which can be spent at this event (ideally in small change in coins).   All money raised from this event will help to fund the Year 6’s, well deserved, end of year trip to Guildford Spectrum.

Bridge to Bridge

I hope to see many of you on Saturday morning bright and early at 9am to start our Bridge to Bridge event. Hopefully many of you will be running, cycling, scooting or walking the distance to help raise money for our new school library.

I recently saw some of the proposed plans for the new library area and they look fantastic. It will be so lovely to have the children across the school be able to go to the school library (with their very own library card) take books home, go as a class and read together and the area might just be the perfect place to host Buddy Reading next year!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan

“You’re not big enough!”🐞

The Bad Tempered Ladybird


This week we have continued to look at the books of Eric Carle. This week’s book was ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’. We have used this book to learn about all kinds of things…telling the time to o’clock, sharing amounts and feelings and emotions.

The children have been joining in with the story with their own mini clocks and changing the time from hour to hour when the ladybird meets the bigger and bigger animals. Some of us have also made our own story maps where we changed the animals that the ladybird meets and thought about the order the animals go in so they get bigger and bigger in size.

At the beginning of the story the friendly Ladybird offers to share the aphids, but the Bad Tempered ladybird will not share! We have learnt how to share amounts of objects so it is fair and everyone gets the same amounts.

One of our first questions about this book was what does “bad-tempered” mean? We thought of other words that mean the same as bad tempered and this made us think of other ways you can feel. Following on from last week’s excellent camera work the children then took photos of each other showing sad, happy, angry, excited, scared and shy faces.

This week we have been playing lots of games including the classic game Wiggly Worms. This was one of Mrs Noonan’s favourite games when she was little and it was lovely to see the children enjoying the game and taking turns.

Team players

This week we have been thinking about being a good team. We have chatted about every member of our reception class is part of our team and how we all need to work together to help the team. At the end of each day we are choosing a MVP (Most Valuable Player) who we all think has had a great day and some Team Stars who have been kind, helpful and caring.

Rehearsals for our sharing assembly are well underway. I will be sending out more information early next week about any costumes and props the children will need.

Good luck buddies!

At buddy reading this week we made sure to say an extra big GOOD LUCK to Year 6 as they sit their SATs next week – we know they will be great and can’t wait to see them at the end of next week to say well done.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan

“I worked hard. Anyone who works as hard as I did can achieve the same results”🎻

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

Another very busy week in Reception – it’s a good job we have a bank holiday weekend to recover!

On Tuesday morning the children were delighted by the mesmerising performance of a piece of Bach played on the violin by Nicola Benedetti.  The children listened intently as Nicola explained how she had started learning the violin at the same age as some of them and how she still practices everyday! I have never witnessed the entire Reception class sit so still and silently while they listened intently to Nicola play – it was truly inspiring and moving. Maya after the performance described it as “the prettiest thing she had ever heard!”

Nicola explained how one of the first songs she learnt to play was a piece often performed in our Reception class – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She played the simple tune before asking the children to sing along as she played along. Enjoy the performance below.

On Thursday we were treated to another outstanding performance – this time it was Year 1’s sharing assembly. We loved the whole assembly and thought that each of the children did brilliantly. It is our turn next with our sharing assembly on Friday 24th May. The assembly will be at 9am in the Scott Hall. We will be starting rehearsals in the coming weeks and I will be in contact to let you know any costumes that the children need as soon as possible.

This week we have continued to we have been writing stories, making our own caterpillars and retelling the stories. The children have learnt how to make a story map to help them tell the story to the class without forgetting any of the food that the caterpillar ate! We have also been digging and discovering real minibeasts in our own outside area and learning to take care of them.

Have a lovely, long bank holiday weekend,

Mrs Noonan

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar story is about hope. You, like the little caterpillar, will grow up, unfold you wings and fly off into the future”🐛

Eric Carle


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Holidays. Already 2/3 of the way through the year! The children came back to school ready to go for their last term in Reception.

Our learning this half term is based on the stories written by Eric Carle. We have started this unit of work by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We talked through all of the food that he eats each day of the week. In our Maths lesson we worked out that the total of all of the food that he ate was 26 pieces of food! We have also been creating patterns with the caterpillars, adding amounts of fruits together and making symmetrical butterflies. Next week we will reading more of Eric Carle’s stories.

Nicola Benedetti visiting St Peter’s

On Tuesday morning, we are incredibly fortunate to have Nicola Benedetti coming to visit St Peter’s. Nicola Benedetti is one of the most sought-after violinists of her generation. Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and dynamic presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the most influential classical artists of today. Some of Nicola’s accolades include a MBC, CBE, 2 Classical BRIT awards and playing with orchestras around the world. Nicola will be speaking in a special assembly on Tuesday morning for the whole school about her career, performing for us and answering questions. Why not you read up on our famous visitor and think of a question you would like to ask

Change of date

Due to the possibility of the School hall may be used as a Polling Station for the European elections on the 23rd May we are changing the date of our sharing assembly to Friday 24th May. I’m sorry if this causes any inconvenience. The assembly will be at 9am in the Scott Hall.

We will be starting rehearsals in the coming weeks and I will be in contact to let you know any costumes that the children need as soon as possible.

House badges

All of the children received a house badge today. They need to wear the badge on their jumper every day. If you lose the badge, you can buy a replacement in the school office.

Miss Cook’s Marathon🏃‍♀️

On Sunday Miss Cook will be running the London Marathon. She has been raising money for the charity ‘Mind’. I’m sure we will all be cheering her on either stood along the streets of London or at home watching on TV. If you would like to donate click here

Good Luck Miss Cook!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, 

Mrs Noonan


Why did the Easter egg hide?

He was a little chicken!🐥


Happy Easter Everyone! What a busy term we have had. The children, as always, have been eggcellent. They have all been eggstremely busy all term learning all kinds of new things. Although we are all ready for fry-yay and a big break we have had an eggstraodinarily good time – no wonder we are all egghusted!

We are looked fantastic on Thursday in our Easter bonnets and loved strutting our stuff down the catwalk at the parade, have a look at our amazing creations!














Meet and Greet Zone

In our classroom we have a new zone called the meet and greet zone. Each child will take it in turns to be the ‘Meeter and Greeter’ where as the children enter the classroom they can choose how to be welcomed. The children can choose from shaking hands, phoning and saying hello, a cuddle, high five and a fist pump. Every afternoon as we enter the room a different child will be picked to be the ‘Meeter and Greeter’ and some mornings (when we are not rushing off to assembly) Mrs Noonan and Miss Wheeler will be able to have a turn!







Timetable for the Summer term

Our gymnastics lessons on Tuesdays have now finished. Instead, we will be having another PE lesson on Wednesdays. After the holidays please bring children to school in PE kits on Mondays with their uniforms in their bags – the children will get changed at school. On Tuesdays, children will need to wear uniform all day. On Wednesdays, please bring the children to school in PE kit, which they will remain in for the day.

I hope you all have a lovely, restful break,

See you all on Wednesday 24th April!

Mrs Noonan

“What a lovely adventure we had!”



We had a lovely trip on Wednesday to the Wetland Centre, as Avestan summed it up on the walk home "What a lovely adventure we had!”. The children were all beautifully behaved; they listened carefully to the instructions and were kind and caring the all of the animals in the centre. In our learning session, the children learnt all about Eggs and how they are looked after. We saw some real eggs from some of the birds that live at the wetlands such as swans, geese and ducks. We also saw some tiny Great Tit eggs and a giant egg that was a replica of an Elephant bird (which is now extinct). We then built our own nests for eggs using feathers, twigs and other objects we could find around the wetlands. After lunch we went to play on the adventure playground. The playground was fantastic and the children loved hiding in the tunnels, balancing along the balance beams and some brave children were whizzing down the zip wire!







A huge thank you again to the parent helpers on the trip, we wouldn’t be able to go on these trips without your support.​ Have a look at the gallery to see what we got up to. 

Stars in the making…🎤

Recently the children have been loving performing and making stages all over the classroom, therefore on Monday night we transformed an area of our classroom into a real performance zone, with a stage and seats. The children have been taking turns to choose a song to sing and then the DJ has been using the CD player to play the track for the children to sing along to. The set list has classics such as ‘Let It Go’, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Baby Shark’ to name but a few!

Have a look at some of the stand out performances from the week!

Big Pedal

Wow…so far, we are 1st place in the ‘Big Pedal Regional Positions for Small Primary Schools, 5-day challenge in Greater London’. Nationally, we are positioned 27th, which is fantastic because there are over 300 school involved. We have one more week to go so make sure you are cycling, scooting or walking to school- that means you too adults!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan

🎨“Never, even as a child, would I bend to the rules”🎨

Claude Monet  


Arts week is my favourite week of the year. Nothing but Arts all week…what could be better. The years Arts week was based upon Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’ which was chosen by George from our class and voted for by the whole school. Our work on Monet has included reading the book ‘Where is the frog?’ by G. Elschner and S. Girel which is based in Mister Claude’s beautiful garden and asked the very good question about where all of the frogs are in Monet’s paintings! As the painting are all missing frogs we have created our own 3D models of frogs on lily pads.

We have also created our own giant version of the picture which can be spotted outside our classroom. The children enjoyed adding their own water lilies, dragon flies and flowers to the art work.

Come and see all of the work we have created at the Arts Café on Friday 29th March in the Scott hall from 3pm onwards.







As well as all of the beautiful art work we have been creating we have been so busy! Each day we have taken part in at least 1 workshop, some days with many more. On Monday we took part in a drama workshop, Tuesday was full of creative dance and musical theatre, on Wednesday we learnt circus skills, and we learnt some Bollywood dance moves on Thursday and Friday we watched the animal man show. We were also lucky enough to take part in many workshops run by parents and helpers. We all had a go playing on a real drum did when Owen (Didi and Aneirin’s daddy) came and played for us. On Wednesday we thoroughly enjoyed exploring using our senses of what it would be like to be in a real Monet painting when some Mums and dad’s transformed the art room into a magical sensory space. On Thursday Elsa’s Grandma came and did some Art work with all of us where we created a giant piece of art all together using stencils, sponges and paint to decorate a tree. The finally on Friday we had the most fun going on a ‘Bear Hunt’ with our Year 6 Buddies, Laura (Stella’s Mum) created the most amazing adventure for us, complete with a bear at the end!

What an amazing week!!!




Yoga is back…

On Wednesday 27th March and Wednesday 24th April at 5.30pm, Miss Cook will be holding yoga classes in the Scott Hall to raise money for Mind charity (as part of her Marathon journey); the classes will be one-hour long and suitable for all abilities, so whether you are a first time yogi or a head standing guru, this class is for you! She hopes to see lots of you there.

Big Pedal…

From  the 25th March until the 5th April St Peter’s School will be taking part in the Big Pedal 2019 and in for a chance to win some exciting prizes. For the next two weeks we encourage you to cycle, scoot or walk to school as much as possible so we are in for the chance of winning; each day Miss Cook will send our totals to Sustrans, who are organising the event at the end of each day.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan





“How many jelly beans?”


This week our lessons have been based on a book called ‘How many jelly beans?’ The children have really enjoyed learning through this book. In the book they get to see what large numbers look like, starting at 10 and going all the way to 1 Million! We have used the book to help us count amounts and then create some fantastic tally charts showing the most popular choice of jelly bean colour.  The children created their own charts choosing flavours and then asked all of the children in the class which one they liked best. We found out that red was the most popular and is our favourite colour and green didn’t even get a single vote! Have a look at the gallery to see what we have been up to.







Grandparents Afternoon

I hope all the grannies, grandads, grandmas, nannas, grandpas and other older friends all enjoyed our Grandparents Day. The children behaved exceptionally well, they all showed their grandparents around the school or helped to welcome visitors to our classroom. It was so lovely to see everyone and have a chance to share some time with them. At the start of the special assembly Reception sang a song. Have a look at the video below to see the amazing performance and a particular well done to our soloist!

Next Week is Arts week

We will be off our usual timetable next week….no phonics, gymnastics, reading sessions etc. but just Arts, Arts and more Arts. Throughout the week the children will be printing designs, learning circus skills, listening to story tellers, playing the drums, watching an Animal Man show, taking part in drama workshops and looking at the work of Claude Monet. What an exciting week!

Big Pedal 2019

Get set… we’re taking part in Sustrans Big Pedal 2019, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking and scooting challenge. The challenge runs from 25 March to 5 April; it’s free and we would love everyone to be involved.

The details

On each day of the challenge schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling, walking or scooting to school. You can let us know if you or whoever does the school run has cycled, walked or used a scooter by informing your class teacher, who will record it on the Sunstrans record sheet.

It’s a great way to get more of our pupils travelling actively to school and is a simple way to boost their physical and mental health- let’s see what prizes we can win!

 Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Noonan 


What do you call a crate full of ducks?🦆
A box of quackers! 


Firstly, we have had the best time looking after the ducklings! The children have been so caring, thoughtful and responsible looking after them. They did a great job playing with them, helping to feed them and even helping with the messy jobs like cleaning out the brooder.  We set up a water tray every day for the ducklings so they could show off their swimming skills and even let them have a go swimming in some deeper water when we could watch their webbed feet moving in the water. The children all had a go holding the ducklings and were very caring and careful to make sure the ducklings stayed safe. The ducklings have been treated so well they got used to having songs sung for them, stories read to them and pictures drawn to decorate their brooder. Well done Reception for a fabulous job looking after them.











World Book Day

The children all looked fantastic on World Book day. Take a look at this gallery to see the amazing costumes. We enjoyed reading so many books together on the day; we were treated to a story from Miss Ragg, Miss Bell and Miss Curnock Cook and had a go at answering some very tricky questions in a special quiz based on all kinds of famous books. The children also enjoyed a workshop on Friday based on retelling the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.



Parent’s Evening

Don’t forget that Parents evenings are on Monday and Tuesday nights. The appointments are for 10 minutes, please try and keep to this time as much as possible.

Comic Relief

Next Friday the children are invited to come to school in their own clothes and make a donation to Comic relief.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan


Duckling Diary

“Like a duck to water” or “water off a duck’s back” ever wondered about where these phrases come from? Well they are both true! Evidence in the video below…
The ducklings all had their first swim today and its honestly was amazing how they naturally know what to do! They were only in a small amount of water today, next week in school we will set up a large water tray where the ducklings will be able to choose to go in and out of the water for a swim whenever they want. Currently they are in training and can only swim for a few minutes at a time but they are learning to change direction and speed and balance in the water.

There has been a lot of naps today, if the ducklings are tired enough they will have a quick nap in your hand…by far the cutest thing that they have done so far!

As you know the children picked the ducklings names and as a class we chose which duckling was which. Quack Quack has a small spot of black feathers on his back, Toby has a small dark patch on his beak…and Cutie and Fluffy… well Mrs Noonan believes they are identical twins because there doesn’t seem to be any difference between them at all. See if you can spot which is which in the videos and photos.

Day 6 Saturday 2nd March

The ducklings are all safely set up in Mrs Noonan’s flat – thank you to Miss Frazer for the lift! They are all now loving running around the brooder, eating lots and drinking before getting very exhausted and having a nap.

Later on today they will be having their first ever swim – they can only swim for a few minutes at a time, but slowly their stamina will increase and they will be doing lengths and diving in the water.

“A quacker of a week!”

Mrs Noonan


What a great week back after half term. Firstly we were able to welcome Marta to our class, we have all made really good friends and are so happy she has joined our class.

We also got 4 more additions to the Reception classroom. Our ducklings! After being incredibly patient the children were able to watch as the ducklings cracked out of the eggs and are now happily in their brooder where we can stroke them and feed them and watch them run around. They are incredibly cute – have a look at the Duckling diaries below for more information and keep checking the blog over the weekend more diary entries as the ducklings spend the weekend with Mrs Noonan at her house.

Poetry assembly

Well done to every child in Reception for such a fantastic performance in their first every Poetry Recital assembly. The children all learnt the words and actions beautifully, thank you to parents and carers at home for practising this as part of their homework. In case you missed the fantastic performance or want to watch it again please see the video below.


Reception performing ‘Ducklings’

DT Day – Food

On Wednesday we had so much fun on our DT day. The whole school was focusing on making food. In reception we were learning about bring healthy and what healthy food is. The most exciting thing to happen on the day was that we were all given a real £1 coin. With our coins in hand we went to the local shops to buy a piece of fruit that we would like to add to our fruit salads. We picked the piece of fruit we wanted to buy then paid for it and got some change and a receipt. Some of use wanted some fruit that cost more than £1 so we added our money with a friends so we could get the more expensive items! Then once we had all been to the shop we chopped, peeled and sliced our fruit before missing it all together and filling up our decorated pots. We had so much fun!











Upcoming events

Ash Wednesday service – On Wednesday 6th march join us at 9am in St Peter’s Church for our service

Book Swap – The children can bring in 3 books on Tuesday and then they will be able to go to the ‘Book Swap Shop’ and change their books for 3 news ones.

Miss Cook’s Yoga Night – as you may know Miss Cook is running the London Marathon, as part of her ongoing fundraising

World book day – the children all need a costume from their favourite book and a copy of the book with them in school on Thursday 7th March

Grandparent’s day – I hope many of the children’s grandparents or elderly friends will be able to join us on Thursday 14th March in the afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan and the Ducklings 



Duckling Diary

Day 5 Friday 1st March

Today the ducklings moved into the brooder, they now have space to run around, food to eat and water to drink as well as a warm sleeping area to cuddle up in late at night.

Today we also voted for the names of our ducklings. Every child in the class made a suggestion 9there were some very interesting ones!) and then we all voted for our favourite. The winners were Cutie, Fluffy, Quack Quack and…Toby (I told you there were some interesting ones!)







Have a look at us all stroking the ducklings and starting to teach them how to eat. The children also were bursting into spontaneous performances of their poem ‘Ducklings’.

Day 3 and 4

The ducklings have hatched. Unfortunately one of our ducklings has had to go to the vet but the 4 others are now safely in their brooder! We will name them tomorrow and post many more photos and videos of them.

Day 2 26th Feb 2019

Today the ducklings have been sitting cosy in the incubator at a steady 37 degrees helping them to get all warm and ready to crack their way out to meet us.

'How do they get out?' was a popular question today. Each of the ducklings have a ‘tooth’ at the end of their beak which is a sharp point right on the tip of the beak which helps them to hammer against the shell and finally crack through. Once they are out of the egg this ‘tooth’ falls off. The ducklings have to tap over 400 times against the shell to hatch – no wonder they are very tired when they finally do come out. We also learnt that the ducklings are quite wet after they have hatched and need to stay in the incubator till they have dried and look all yellow and fluffy.

From experience  of having the ducklings visit our school a few times before, Mrs Noonan thinks we will probably have at least 2 ducklings hatched by tomorrow morning so start thinking about some names! Every year Mrs Noonan suggests ‘a l'orange’, ‘Hoisin’ or ‘Peking’ but they are never chosen!

Have a look at the video to see if you can spot the crack in the egg at the front and watch how much the egg at the back is rocking as the duckling is tapping away inside.

Day 1 24th Feb 2019

Today Reception had the most exciting delivery! After we came back from our Music and PE lessons we found some new members of our class waiting for us…5 eggs. After a bit of discussion over what could be in the eggs we found out there are 5 yellow ducklings waiting to hatch. We learnt what an ‘incubator’ is and why the gees are in there and found out that we need to wait at least 1 more day before we start to see the eggs beginning to hatch. We enjoyed doing some research in books about eggs and the type of animals that come from eggs. We looked at diagrams about what the ducklings look like inside the eggs at the moment and found out how they will begin to hatch.

Keep checking the blog every day for more updates and all the duckling news!    

🌈“ …and they lived happily ever after.”🌟


We have finally reached the end of this half term and what a great half term we have had. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the theme of Traditional Tales and have learnt so much. I have been able to observe some amazing story telling, role playing and measuring. We finished our half term learning about traditional tales by exploring the story of the Gingerbread man. On Tuesday we all followed a delicious recipe to make our very own gingerbread men – luckily they didn’t run away! We need to say a huge thank you to Chef Andrew who helped us cook our gingerbread men.

Profile reviews

On Friday instead of our usual Buddy Reading time we had a special activity to do with our buddies. We all went to the Year 6 classroom with our profiles and the children read through all of the amazing things they have done since the beginning of the year. Year 6 were brilliant (as always) in helping their buddies review all of the learning they had done.










Today the news of Reception getting their first ever homework was met with CHEERS! Probably the first and only time in their lives they will be so excited about homework!

Reception are so exciting to get their brand new homework folders with their first piece of homework in. The children’s half term homework is to learn the words for the poem we will be performing for the Poetry Recital assembly. The children will be learning a poem all about ducklings. This is a link to the video of the poem to help you practise at home.


Reception had their dancing shoes on Thursday night at their first school disco! Another big thank you to our amazing Year 6 Buddies who really helped to look after the Reception children. The children danced their socks off and showed some of the amazing moves they have! Check our some of our moves...

Next half term is another busy one with lots of exciting things happening...and a few surprises!

Wednesday 27th February – DT day
Thursday 28th February – Poetry Recital assembly 9am in the Scott hall. Come and see reception perform in their first ever Poetry recital.
Wednesday 6th March – Ash Wednesday service at St Peter’s Church at 9am
Thursday 7th March – World Book Day. Children will be dressing up as their favourite book characters
Monday 11th March and Tuesday 12th March – Parent’s evening
Thursday 14th March – Grandparents Day (more information will be sent nearer the time)
Monday 18th – Friday 22nd March – Arts Week

I hope everyone has a lovely, restful and enjoyable half term break. Can you believe we are already half way through the year!

Mrs Noonan😎

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”🐺

The Big Bad Wolf


Our Trip to the Science Museum

On Wednesday the whole class went on a trip to the Science Museum. The children all behaved beautifully throughout the day including walking to the station, sitting nicely on the tube and in all of our workshops. Thank you again to our parent helpers, we couldn’t do the trips without your help. Once we got to the museum we had some time exploring the Space section before going to the garden area. In the garden play area we explored the amazing water area, experimented with different sounds and used our muscles to climb and build. Then it was a quick tasty lunch before we went to the Pattern Pod and did some more exploring with colours and textures. Finally, we went and watched the Three Little Pigs show. In the show we found out about the materials that the pigs used to build their houses and used words like bendy, flexible and strong to describe them. Then came the…BIG BAD WOLF! He huffed and puffed and blew down the houses, but Reception weren’t scared because they knew that the house built of the strong bricks couldn’t be blown down. Well done the Reception on such a fun and educational trip!

中国新年 Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We practised our dragon dances, tried to use chop sticks, made some Chinese New Year cards and learnt all about the story of the Zodiac Chinese New Year. The children really enjoyed getting creative with this topic and investigating lots of Chinese artefacts and objects.

A few reminders


Please make sure that a member of staff is on duty before you leave your child in the Reception outside area in the mornings. Either Mrs Neighbour or Miss Wheeler will be outside at 8.45am. if you are leaving your child in their care please make sure they know.  

Returning borrowed clothes

Many children have spare sets of underwear/socks/tights in their bags in case of any accidents, if your child doesn’t have their own clothing we do have spares in school. If your child has had to borrow some items from school please can you make sure they are returned as we don’t have an unlimited supply. Thank you.


On Friday 15th February, I will be sending home the first homework! Homework will be sent home every Friday and will need to be completed and returned by Wednesday. In Reception homework will be very practical or a small recording activity that links to the learning we have been doing in class that week. Getting into the routine of completing homework each week is a great way of preparing the children for the transition into Key Stage 1. The homework each week will have one main activity and then an optional one. At the bottom of the homework will be a section for Parent feedback – in this box you can say how your child got on with the work or any things you notice about their learning.

The first homework will be a poem to learn. Each term the whole school learns a poem to perform in a Poetry Recital. This is a special assembly on Thursday 28th February in the Scott Hall where all the classes will perform the poem that they have been learning. We will practice the poem as a class but please learn this over the half term.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan


“Who’s been sitting in my chair?”

Daddy Bear


Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been our focus story for this week. The children have been retelling the story using lots of character voices for the bears and acting out the story in our role play area which has been transformed into The Three Bears cottage complete with different size chairs and bowls for porridge. On Thursday we had great fun making our own porridge. Before we made the porridge we guessed which our favourite type would be. 11 children thought they would like the plain porridge, 13 the sweet and only 1 person thought the salty would be the best flavour. We then carefully followed the instructions and cooked the porridge. We then added the ingredients of salt or sugar to make the porridge just like in the story. After tasting the porridge the final votes looked like this...

And after we had eaten up all the porridge the children all helped with the very important job of washing up and putting the microwave back in the staffroom before any of the teachers noticed it was missing! have look at the pictures in the gallery to see what we got up to...I'm sure you'll be able to tell who was tasting the salty porridge! 

Next week we all need to be on high alert…I’ve heard rumours that a big bad wolf has been spotted near St Peter’s…I hope he doesn’t come and try and blow down our school!

As well as keeping an eye out for that pesky wolf we have a busy week in Reception coming up. The whole school are recognising Children’s Mental health week and in reception we will be doing a few special activities to mark this week. We also have our trip to the Science Museum and a day celebrating Chinese New year.

On Tuesdays the children will be staying in their PE kits for the day rather than getting changed – please ensure they have some jogging bottoms to put on over their shorts after the lesson.

Also, thank you to Louis’ and George's families for donating some lovely pollution eating plants to our classroom!🌿

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan


“Who is that trip trapping over my bridge?”👺🌉🐐🐐🐐

The Troll


Our focus story for this week has been the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children have been completing a variety of activities all about the story including writing their own story books, acting out the story and order objects by size for the little, medium and big billy goats. The children have really enjoyed being outside and using our bridge, from the climbing equipment, the big blue cover from our reading area as a river and some green, green grass to help them retell the story. They have been taking it in turns to be narrators, billy goats or the troll and used some fantastic story language and character voices.

Our RE work this half term is focused on the questions ‘Why is Jesus so Special to Christians?’ To start us on this topic we have been thinking about what the word special means, what makes us special and who is special to us. The children have produced some fantastic family pictures showing all of the people who are in their families who are special to them and looking in mirrors to spot the special things about themselves. We also started to think about why Jesus is special. To help us understand this we talked about the special stories that Jesus used to tell to help people learn. The story we thought about this week was ‘The Lost Sheep’. The children talked about how every sheep was special to the shepherd just like everyone of us is special to God.

Ice Ice Baby! Earlier on this week Miss Wheeler planned a special experiment for the children and on Thursday afternoon the children were able to experiment with ice. They had small containers with ice in. The challenge – how to get the ice out of the container!? Miss Wheeler and I were so impressed with the children’s problem solving and team work to help each other get the ice out of the containers. Then we could experiment with the ice itself. We watched it melt and talked about why this was happening. We also found out that ice floats! The children then decided they needed more ice so they filled containers and left them outside so they could freeze overnight. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas but we had great fun experimenting!

Mister Double Trouble! In our maths lessons this week we have been learning about doubles. We have learnt a song to help us learn our doubles…why not have a listen at home

Online Safety workshops

Mrs Zalar is running an Online Safety workshop for parents on Tuesday 29th January from 5.30pm – 7pm in the Year 6 classroom.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Noonan😀



“Fee Fi Fo Fum!”🌱

The Giant


Reception has been so busy this week! We have been learning through the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. In Maths work we have been measuring everything! We got a letter from the Giant saying “Fee Fi Fo Fum, there is some measuring to be done!” We measured the Giants huge footprints and found objects in our classroom that were longer and shorter, we also measured his footprint using cubes and it was 19 cubes long! The children then drew around their own feet to compare sizes. In the next few days we will be keeping a close eye on our magic beans which have been planted and will start growing up to our castles, we will be observing the beans every day and measure how tall they grow. Finally on Friday we tested to see what it would be like to write like a giant! Next week we will be doing more measuring looking at capacity and sizes with help from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Macey the Monkey

The newest member of reception – Macey the Monkey, joined our class on Friday and will be coming home to each of the children’s houses for a few days. All of the instructions for Macey are inside the backpack – alongside some of the Macey’s extra clothes and accessories!

Mathletics and Spellodome

Don’t forget to keep accessing our online Maths and English activities on Mathletics and Spellodrome. I have made more activities available including new lists for spellings and the measurements activities.

School Ties

I have noticed a few children coming to school without a tie on. Please make sure your child is wearing their tie every day to school. If you have lost your tie and need a replacement they are available to buy in the school office.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan 

“Time to PARTY”🎉

Sir Seven from Ten Town


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday and enjoyed celebrating the New Year. Thank you for all your kind messages and gifts for Christmas.

We are now well and truly back into the swing of things in Reception. It was lovely to observe how much more settled and grown up the children have become after their first term in school. The theme of this half term is Traditional Tales. We will be exploring all of the stories we know and love and hopefully learning about some new ones. We will be growing our own beanstalks, exploring the best materials to use to keep the Big Bad wolf away and seeing if we can get the porridge “just right”!

The children have been getting back into the routine of school enjoying their phonics lessons, learning about using scales to measure what is heavy and what is light and practising their Every Day Words. On Friday we had a lot of fun playing a directions game. The children had to help one of the characters from ten Town ‘Sir Seven’ get to the end of the maze by avoiding the fences, trees and ponds. The children had to use directional arrows to help find him a party and when he got to the end it was “Time to party!” with some funky tunes! Have a look at how much fun we had…

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan 

✨“Little Donkey, Little Donkey on the dusty road…”✨

Reception Class


Firstly I have to say a huge well done to all the children in Key Stage 1 and Reception for their fantastic performance of the Nativity ‘Hey Ewe’ the children all spoke sang and danced brilliantly and shared the message of Jesus’ birth to all of us. Reception sang their songs so well and really enjoyed joining in with the singing and actions throughout the show.


Father Christmas at the Lyric

We also had a fantastic time at the Lyric theatre on Thursday Morning watching ‘Father Christmas’. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and behaved beautifully with a member of the public commenting to us about how nicely they had walked.

Bling you Bike or Scooter

We really enjoyed looking at everyone’s brilliant blinged up bikes and scooters! Well done to everyone who took part. 

Christmas lunch

On Wednesday lunchtime we tucked into our delicious Christmas lunch made by our brilliant chef Andrew. The children all really enjoyed listening to the Christmas songs and pulling their crackers!

I hope you all have a peaceful, fun Christmas break – with lots of rest (I think we all need it!)

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 8th January - please don't forget to wear PE kits ready for our gymnastics lesson!

Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mrs Noonan 🎅  

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas means a little bit more…”

The Grinch by Dr. Seuss


Rehearsals are in full swing for our nativity performance of hey ewe. Thank you to all of the parents for bringing in the children’s costumes in time for our dress rehearsal this afternoon. All of the teachers and children in Key Stage 2 loved watching the performance and all of the children did really well. Now only a few days till the real performances on Tuesday at 10am or 2pm. There are no tickets for the performance please just come along before the show to take a seat or find a space to stand.

As well as rehearsing this week the children have been in full creative Christmas mode in class. We have been making some special cards and presents that will be coming home next week. We all looked fantastically festive on Friday wearing our Christmas jumpers, thank you for all of the donations towards the Children’s charity. We were also thrilled that our buddies were back from their week away at the farm and were able to come and see us for buddy reading. Have a look at the gallery to see a very special festive ‘Buddy reading’.

Can you believe it is the final week of term next week? The children are already a third of their way through the year. And what a brilliant term it has been! One more very busy week to go…

Monday 17th – No PE lesson (due to Nativity rehearsals) please come to school in uniform

Tuesday 18th – No Gymnastics (due to Nativity)

- Nativity Performance at 10am and 2pm

 - KS2 Carols by Candle light Service in St Peters Church 6pm, Reception are not involved but you may attend this service if you wish

Wednesday 19th – Children’s Christmas Dinner

- PE lesson today – Please come to school in PE kit and have uniform in bag.

Thursday 20th – Trip to Lyric Theatre to see ‘Father Christmas’. Please return permission slips and make payments on Parent mail ASAP.

- Reception and Key Stage 1 Christmas Party in the afternoon at school


Friday 21st – Christmas Church Service at 9am at St Peters

- School finishes at 2pm

Have a restful weekend – we will need a lot of energy next week!

Mrs Noonan


🎄"It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"🎄

Bing Crosby


This week in reception we gave been learning all about advent. We have a very exciting ‘Happyland’ Advent calendar which has a new character for our small world area behind each window, our favourite so far has been the Gingerbread man! The children have really enjoyed retelling the Christmas story in lots of ways in our room, making puppets and using the small world area. Our Christmas home corner has been a busy area of our classroom this week, having wrapped presents in Santa’s Workshop outside the children have filled under the tree with presents and then had their own Christmas celebrations where they have been opening each other’s gifts! We have also been singing 'Little Donkey' a few times a day (Mrs Noonan has been singing it in her sleep because we have practised that much!) ready for our Nativity.

I hope we see lots of you at our Nativity production ‘Hey Ewe’ on Wednesday 18th December at 10am or 2pm in the Scott Hall. The children in KS1 and Reception have worked so hard to get this ready for you all and they are going to be brilliant!

Bling your bike- let’s get active!

To promote scooting or cycling to school, on Wednesday 19th December 2018, we invite you to bling your bike or scooter.

Throughout the day each class will share their designs with one another in the playground, a winning scooter or bike will be selected from each class, and the child who wins will receive a prize.

I look forward to seeing all of your creations- good luck!

Dates for your diary and Christmas events:

Nativity play  on 18th December at 10am and 2pm in the Scott hall

Carols by Candlelight on 18th December at 6.30pm in the Church (The reception children are not involved in this but if you wish to join the school community and celebrate Christmas with KS2 you are welcome to come and watch)

Wednesday 19th December is also our Christmas Dinner at school – yummy!

Friday 14th December is Christmas Jumper Day - come to school in your most festive attire and donations will be collected outside school in the morning for the charity Save the Children.

Thursday 13th December House Trip, for the winning house in Autumn term – more details to follow

Friday 20th December is our Christmas service in the Church at 9am please come and join us.

…and don’t forget we finish at 2.00pm on Friday 20th for Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan


"Stick man, I’m Stick man that’s me…"


We have loved learning this week and all of our work has been focused on ‘Stick man’ by Julia Donaldson. We started by listening to the story and looking at the order of when things happened to the poor stick man, we then used the sticks to do some height ordering from longest to shortest. Then we used the sticks to practise our positional language. After that we did a little bit of magic with googly eyes and PVA glue to turn a normal stick into a real stick man! The children were very creative with their designs.

Then on Friday afternoon we went to Ravenscourt Park with our buddies and explored with our stick men. Year 6 learnt the whole book and performed it to us and then we went around the park making tree houses for the stick man and finding some more sticks we can magically turn into stick children and the stick man’s lady love! A huge thank you to Year 6 for being so responsible with their buddies and for letting their imaginations run wild by encouraging the Reception children to come up with new and exciting adventures.

Christmas has officially arrived in reception, our Home Corner now has a cosy fireplace and a tree to decorate.  

Don’t forget…

Christmas fair this Saturday 1st December in the Scott hall!

Phew! What a busy week…

Mrs Noonan

Aloha, Hallo and שלום


International Day

On Thursday we celebrated International Day at school. In Key Stage 1 and Reception we worked in our house groups and visited 3 different countries and made some flags. With Miss Murphy we visited The Netherlands, in Miss Cook’s classroom we went to Israel and finally travelled to Polynesia with Mrs Noonan. In each room the children learnt about the countries and looked at pictures of famous sights, they also tasted food from that country and got a sticker to go in their St Peter’s Passport. The children’s costumes were fabulous and it was brilliant to see all of the different nationalities and cultures represented and highlight what a diverse and rich community we are!

Being a good friend

We read one of Mrs Noonan’s favourite books this week ‘God’s Dream’ by Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. In the book we learn about God’s Dream of us all being ‘loving, sharing, caring’ We have been trying our best to do this all week. We have had challenges to work as a team, been spotting good sharing and trying to be caring to every person in our class. We created our own rainbow pictures with all of our friends and have added photos and pictures to our reflection area in our classroom to remind us how we can help God’s Dream come true.

Change to Gymnastics Time

Due to clashes in timetables we are having to change our time of our Tuesday Gymnastics lessons. The children will now be having a lesson at 9.30 am on Tuesday mornings. This therefore means we will have to change our current routine of getting the children changed.

As of next week we will need the children to come to school on Monday and Tuesdays in PE kits and we will get them changed into their uniform after their PE lesson. Therefore you will also have to take home PE bags on Monday so you have your kits to wear on Tuesday.

Don’t forget to keep on practising buttons for shirts at home – the children are really improving in getting changed (less than half an hour for all 30 children at the moment!)  

Dates for your diary

We are getting to the busiest time of the year...

 Friday 30th November – Own Clothes Day. Please bring a donation of any bottle for the school fair and in exchange the children can wear their own clothes on Friday.

Saturday 1st December – Christmas Fair 2 – 6pm in the Scott Hall 

Friday 14th December – National Christmas Jumper day. Wear a Christmas Jumper to School 

Tuesday 18th December – Nativity performance ‘Hey Ewe’ at 10am and 2pm

Friday 21st December – Christmas Church Service 9am in St Peter’s Church

Friday 21st December – 2pm finish for Christmas Holidays

I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan

“A cup of tea shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent”☕



This week at St Peter’s we have been learning about Anti-bullying week. In Reception we have been focusing on being a good friend and talking about what we can do to be a good friend. The children have been brilliant all week, taking extra care to help others and share with them. Learning how to negotiate and work things out ‘using their words’ and trying to solve problems without always needing a teachers help.

On Thursday year 3 delighted the whole school with a brilliant assembly based on ‘The Stone Age’. The assembly really inspired Reception and as soon as possible after the assembly finished the children were out on our stage with the musical instruments creating their own rendition of ‘We Will Rock You’ inspired by Year 3…have a look at the video to see their brilliant performance.

Artisan, Café Cino and Rafaellos have nothing on Reception...

Thanks to the hugely generous donation of a beautiful kitchen complete with cakes, cups and saucers, biscuits, tea pots and pans the children were able to open their own café this week. Thank you to Sammy from Year 2 for kindly donating all of these things – Reception have had the most fun being servers and customer, creating cakes and ice-creams to eat, and ensuring everyone has a healthy diet with some fruits and vegetables too! The prices have been varying throughout the week with a cappuccino being sold from anywhere between 1p to £11, but most importantly the children have been using the money to buy the food and drinks they would like.

Next week we will be celebrating International Day. On Thursday we ask all the children to come to school dressed in traditional dress or colours of a country of their choice. The children will be receiving a passport in the morning and will go and visit a variety of countries in the Key Stage 1 classrooms throughout the day.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan😊




Our topic this half term is all about Celebrations and Festivals and our School value is peace which fitted in very nicely with our themes of this week.  On Thursday we spent the day learning about the festival of Divali – the children enjoyed spending time in the Art Room using clay to make their own Diva light holders. The clay is drying over the weekend and we will be able to paint and decorate them soon. We also made our own poppy this week to help us mark Remembrance Day and we joined in with 2 minutes silence with the whole school on Friday. 

Parents Evening

Thank you to you all for attending parents evening. It was lovely to be able to share how well the children have settled into school and the huge progress they have made. I hope you enjoyed looking through the children’s profiles and don’t forget to keep sending in the ‘wow from home’ notes so we can celebrate significant steps in learning at home too!

Next week is a busy one!

Anti-bullying week ‘Choose respect – not bullying’

Next week across the school we will be taking part in activities about Anti Bullying Week. In Reception we will be focusing on what being a good friend is and taking part in activities on this.

Odd Socks Day

The Anti Bulling Society’s  ‘Odd Socks’ day is on Monday 12th we ask that all children wear a pair of odd socks to school. The Anti Bullying Society mark this as an opportunity for children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

Children in Need!

Friday 16th November is Children in Need. The children need to add spots to their uniform…spotty ties, socks, headbands…anything with spots! Donations will be collected at the gate in the morning and the cake sale in the afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan

“Design is thinking made visible”✏️📏✂️

Saul Bass


Firstly, I hope everyone had a lovely half term break. I have been hearing from the children all week about some of the exciting things you all did.  I had a very relaxing week at home, and now hopefully we are all ready for the next half term and the exciting lead up to Christmas! (I know - already!?!)

DT day

On Wednesday the children took part in their first DT day. The theme for this terms DT day was moving vehicles. The children made their own pull along carts. Firstly, they had to use a saw to cut their doweling in half, then construct their boxes before decorating and adding their wheels and string. The children have loved loading their carts with all kinds of toys and pulling them around the classroom. Have a look at the gallery to see what we got up to…


Parents Evening

Don’t forget Parents evening is on Monday 5th November and Tuesday 6th November in the Scott Hall. Please remember that the appointments are for 10 minutes, if there are any issues that you wish to discuss in more length please let me know and I can arrange a meeting at a separate time. I hope to keep appointments on time so it is always helpful if you are aware of your time slot and between us we can keep the appointments running on time! 


I have noticed a few children without ties, or wearing PE jumpers on none PE days. Can you please make sure the children are coming to school in full uniform every day.

Reading Folders

Reading books and activities have now been sent home. Please make sure the children have their reading folders with them in school every day. We will be changing the children’s reading books and reading with them on Tuesdays and Fridays. On these days we will be collecting the folders into the large yellow bucket in the mornings and you will be able to collect them from there at the end of the day.

Anti-bullying Week

Between Monday 12th and Friday 16th November we will be celebrating Anti-bullying week in school. The start this week off we will be taking part in The Anti Bulling Society’s  ‘Odd Socks’ day. On Monday 12th we ask that all children wear a pair of odd socks to school. The Anti Bullying Society mark this as an opportunity for children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. Throughout the week in school we will be having special assemblies and lessons.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Black History Month

This week the entire school has been celebrating Black History Month. In Reception we have been learning about the stories of Anansi the Spider from Ghana. The children have learnt about how Anansi got his skinny waist and legs from being too greedy and enjoyed the story when Anansi showed the bigger animals that even the smallest of creatures can be strong and clever! Our favourite story was about Anansi’s six sons. Luckily this was also a story that was told in Year Six’s amazing sharing assembly on Thursday so we got to see our favourite story acted out by our favourite people – our buddies! The children also used the beautiful art from the story to inspire some beautiful pieces of work.

We also learnt some new songs this week including a Swahili action song ‘Simama Kaa’ have a look at Receptions fantastic performance.

After half term

As promised after half term we will getting the children changed in school for their PE lessons (yes all 30 children at once!).

Please bring your children into school on Monday morning in their PE kits. Our lesson is at 9.30am and as we attend singing assembly we will not have time to get changed before the lesson. We will however have time to get changed into uniforms after the lesson. Then on Tuesdays the children have gymnastics in the afternoon. Therefore on Tuesdays we would like the children to come to school in their uniform and we will change them into their PE kits during the day which they will return home in ready for the next Monday.

So…more simply

Monday. Wear PE kits. Uniform in bag

Tuesday. Wear Uniform. PE Kit in bag

Reading activities

Today your children will have a reading folder in their bags with their first reading activities inside – this includes the first set of everyday words. Please make sure that your child’s reading folder is in their bag every day.

Have a lovely, restful half term

Mrs Noonan


🌳“I see trees of green, red roses too”🌹

Louis Armstrong


On Monday morning we enjoyed our first trip to Church for our collective worship for Harvest. Thank you for all the generous donations you provided. The children sat beautifully and loved joining in with all of the singing and listening to the prayers. Our Maths this week has been focusing on finding the total of 2 numbers. The children really enjoyed using the ‘sand hands’ to help them count!

This week we have spent time thinking about God’s creations, we learnt about the story of Creation and Adam and Eve. We then explored our outside area to spot things that god had created. We found lots of things! Luckily, we don’t have any arachnophobia as we found a lot of spiders! Have a look at the gallery to see what we were up to.

 Team work was the theme of the day on Friday. We had huge towers being built as a team and the Reading Area has had a makeover being decorated in strings, threading and beads!

Over the last few weeks we have also found out who has been chosen from Reception to represent the class in the school council and who our RE ambassadors are. Well done to Chloe and Luke who will be on the school council and congratulations to Ethiopia and Louis on being selected as RE Ambassadors – I’m sure they will all do a fantastic job!

Family Supper

On Thursday come and join us for our family supper in the Scott Hall at 5pm till 7pm. I look forward to seeing lots of you there.

Black History week

Next week we are celebrating Black History Month in school. We will be taking part in workshops, listening to stories from different cultures and in reception we will be focusing on the story of Anansi.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan

“Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a bell….’

“Well take 2 of these and if they don’t work give me a ring!”


A broken arms, sore tummy, banged head, broken fingers, blocked ears and 4 sprained ankles and that’s only the aliments that Mrs Noonan has had this week! Luckily, the doctors in our role play area have been on hand with their bandages and medicines to make everything better again and make sure everyone is fit and healthy for the weekend. The babies from our home corner have all been to the baby clinic for their check-up where we have made sure that they are healthy by measuring and weighing them. The firefighters have been around this week again helping to keep us all safe and put out any fires they see. The children loved making their own fire engine to travel around in!


I’m surprised Miss Frazer hasn’t had to come and visit the doctors this week with a headache after the builders have been working outside her office. The children, when pretending to be builders, have been hammering, screwing and sawing away to make some very impressive houses! They made sure they were safe with their hard hats and high-vis jackets on and worked brilliantly as a team! I’m sure Miss Frazer didn’t mind when she looked out of the window and saw the amazing buildings they had created!  


Miss Wheeler and I have been so impressed this week watching all of the children engage so brilliantly in their learning. They are sharing with each other, always remembering their manners and very importantly helping to tidy up after we have had so much fun learning!  Maths this week has been looking at patterns. The children have been making and completing patterns using colour, shapes, and sizes. The children have been hugely impressive in their phonics lessons where we have been focusing on the letters s, a, t, i, m, o and p. The children have been writing words such as pat, tap, sat, mat, in and is. They are beginning to form their letters correctly and are using great segmenting and blending skills. Don’t forget to look at the Sounds Write website for more information about the phonics scheme we are using and if you get a chance to download the app then the children can show off their skills to you at home.

Upcoming events and dates for your diary:

Harvest festival

Please join us on Monday 9th October 9am in St Peter’s Church for our Harvest Festival. If your child is bringing donations for the festival then please bring them into school on Monday morning and the children will carry them over to church before making their offering at the beginning of the service.

Black History Week

The week beginning 15th October as a school we will be celebrating Black History Month. If you would like to be involved and come into school to help us celebrate please email and let us know. This week will include a special assembly on Tuesday 16th October at 9am with a Gospel Choir, please come and join us in the Scott Hall if you are free.

Family Supper

I hope lots of you will be able to join us on Thursday 18th October for our annual Family Supper. Please bring along a dish to share to the Scott Hall from 5 – 7pm.

Show Racism the Red card

On Friday 19th October we are asking all of the children to add something red to their uniform to mark the national event ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. In Reception we will be focusing on how God made us all unique and celebrating what makes us special in our RE lessons.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan


👮“Hello, hello, hello…”🚔


“999. What is your emergency?”

This week we have been police officers and firefighters! When we arrived in school on Monday morning we had a police station in our classroom and a fire station outside.  The children have been discussing all of the different people who help us and the things they do. Luckily our very brave firefighters were on hand and answered the call on Thursday when there were a lot of fires to put out – they worked together as a team to use our water pump to make sure that every bit of the fire had gone. The police have been on patrol around our classroom looking for anyone who needs any help, finding missing items and keeping any trouble makers at bay!


In our RE work we have been thinking about what is precious to us. The children created pictures of the things in their lives that are precious to them. We also discussed how the world is precious and that we need to be thankful to God for our beautiful world.

Our learning

Our learning in phonics this week we have been using the letters s, a, m and t to write and read words. In Maths we have met more members of ten town including King One and Tommy Two. They have been helping us to count, find more or less of an amount and practise writing our numbers. We have also been making some patterns using shapes and colours. Why not see what patterns you can find at home?

Recycle Week♻️

This week the whole school has been celebrating Recycle week. This has included the children taking part in a special ‘Michael Recycle’ workshop. In the workshop we listened to a story about Michael Recycle a superhero who comes and helps a town learn all about recycling. We then helped recycle lots of items learning what can and cannot be recycled. Finally we all went to the art room and decorated our own Michael recycles using recyclable materials. The children have a piece of homework sent home next week from the company ‘Recycle Now’. Please note that we are not starting weekly homework in Reception – this is only as a special occasion due to Recycle week.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan 


“A pirate’s life for me…”🏴‍☠️


We have had a lovely week in Reception. On Wednesday we all dressed up as pirates and had a fantastic day full of pirate adventures! We met up with the other children in our houses and visited all of the other classrooms and teachers to take part in lots of pirate activities. We really enjoyed making friends with the children from Year 1 and 2 who are in our houses. Have a look at the gallery to see what we got up to.


This week we have also had our first PE lessons and Music lessons. The children were fantastic and all of their teachers said how well they behaved and joined in with all of the lessons. Thank you to all of the parents for remembering to put the children in their PE kits on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Phonics and Reading Meeting

Thank you to all of the parents who came along to the information meeting on Tuesday night. I hope everyone who came along found it informative. I have shared the information presentation to all of the parents – don’t forget if you have any questions please come and see myself or Miss Wheeler. Our phonics lessons will be starting next week!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Noonan


“The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN. The more PLACES you’ll go!”

Dr. Seuss


What a great week! I am delighted to say that all of the children have settled in to Reception. We have been learning about our classroom, we have been getting to know each other and learning lots of new things. We have been practising our cutting and sticking and making lots of creative things to take home and we have been sharing lots of stories that are all about starting school and how we look after our toys and each other. This included Roald Dahl’s ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ with his “nasty plans and clever tricks” but luckily Reception are far too clever to be tricked by him!


Buddy reading

The most exciting thing to happen this week was meeting our special reading buddies! Each child in Reception has been paired with a special friend in Year Six who will come and visit us each week to share books and stories. I would like to thank Year Six for being so sensible and having such a mature approach to their buddies and for being so kind and understanding when meeting their buddies for the first time. The children already want to know when they get to see their buddies again! Have a look at the gallery to see some pictures from our first buddy reading session.


Pirate Day! Arrrgh!!!☠️

Next week our theme will be Pirates! Don’t forget to come to school dressed up as a pirate on Wednesday 19th September. Also, if you have any pirate toys or books at home that we could borrow for the week please bring them in.

Phonics Meeting

I look forward to seeing lots of you at the Phonics and Reading meeting on Tuesday 18th September at 6pm in the Reception classroom. I will be sharing details with you about how we will be teaching phonics to the children which will help them to learn to read and write.

PE Lessons

PE lesson will be starting next week so please bring your child to school on Monday and Tuesday in PE kit. They will wear this all day – they do not need their school uniform.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Noonan 😄