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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC)

SMSC is about everything we do at St Peter’s, to help children build their own personal values, have positive relationships with others and become responsible young citizens in society. SMSC development supports children to be kind, thoughtful and caring and to be able to live and learn alongside people with different beliefs, cultures and lifestyles.

Opportunities for Spiritual development include:

Coming together in assemblies and special events to share learning with each other and with parents and the community to reflect on our learning experiences.

Opportunities for Moral development include:

Opportunities in the curriculum for children to offer their own points of view and to be able to listen to and value those of others.

Opportunities for Social development include:

Making a positive contribution to the community through fund raising, for example, dressing up as superheroes for Children in Need 2016.

Opportunities for Cultural development include:

Enabling children to enjoy and appreciate a variety of artistic, musical and cultural experiences, including drama, music, singing, choir and sports.