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At St Peter’s Primary School, we aim to foster children’s innate curiosity and desire to gain a deeper understanding of the world surrounding them. We allow children to create their own questions and search for answers expanding their scientific knowledge and skills through hands on experimentation and investigation. Children at St Peter’s have a passion for science due to their ownership of this curriculum area.  They are equipped with the investigative skills to delve deeper into concepts in both the natural and physical world. 

We follow the national curriculum and teach three strands of Science: Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Children will have the opportunity to access science and extend learning through:

  • observation over time
  • looking for patterns in their observations and results
  • identifying, classifying and grouping
  • carrying out controlled investigations using comparisons and fair testing methodology
  • researching using secondary sources
  • presenting their findings clearly, precisely and coherently, both verbally and written, using scientific vocabulary and diagrams
  • drawing conclusions, using data analysis and summarising scientific concepts

It is our aim that children leave our school with a well-rounded view of the scientific world; with the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to continue exploring using their natural inquisitiveness throughout their education and beyond!

Throughout the year the children go on many educational trips including those to places that provide them with the opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge.


                                     Year 3's recent trip to The Science Museum: