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21.6.19 Week 3 of Summer 2 Health and Well-Being Week


This week in Year 3 we celebrated Health and Well-Being Week. We were lucky enough to participate in so many wonderful workshops. KidzFit! Here we did some exercises and talked about our bodies. We learned a choreographed routine in an amazing dance workshop. We relaxed our minds and body by doing some peaceful yoga. We used our creative talent and had a go at some Drama Rava Farmer Lava. We also saw Harold in the Life Bus! We helped Harold with his homework and fixed a friendship problem between Harold and Derrick. We created amazing PowerPoint presentations about healthy eating. We were also SO lucky to meet an Olympic Volleyball player named Peter. He told us all about his tough training and we even did some drills with him!

We are now super fit and super tired! Next week all of our normal learning will resume.


Thank you so much to the wonderful parents and carers who looked at our books on Wednesday afternoon. Miss Ragg and Miss Ridgeon hope you are as proud of all of Year 3’s hard work and effort as they are.



Summer Fair is on Saturday 22nd June at St. Peter’s Square – please come along!

Book Fair – Friday 21st, Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th in the Scott Hall after school.

Monday 23rd is school photos, please dress in full school uniform neatly.


Have a lovely weekend and please stop by the Summer Fair!


See you on Monday!


Miss Ragg and Year 3


14.6.19 Week 2 of Summer 2!


This week in Year 3 we really delved into our new topics for Summer 2.

 In English, we wrote our own instructions for something we are passionate about. Miss Ragg was so pleased with the quality of work we produced!

 In maths, we continued to explore division. We tackled many long and short division problems. We are beginning to feel more confident in dividing and are loving challenging our mathematical thinking. We were also so lucky on Wednesday to have two maths coaches come into our classroom and take us on a mathematical challenge experience. A big thank you to Coach Irene and Coach Carola for volunteering their time. We really enjoyed ourselves and the hands on approach to mathematical thinking.

 In geography identified cities within the UK. We had a great time looking at a map and identifying different cities. We were in sporting kits that day and some students were even dressed up in certain cities sports kits! See the image below.

  We had a great time in RE discussing jobs of vocation. Miss Ragg was really interested to see what careers everyone would like to pursue when they are older.

Next week is Health and Wellbeing Week, we will be completing a number of SCARF activities. Students are required to wear their school PE kits Monday to Thursday. On Friday 21st they are to wear plain clothes, we will be going to St. Peter’s Square so make sure they are appropriate exercise clothes with enclosed shoes.



 Monday 17th  - Friday 21st June Health and Wellbeing week. The children can wear PE Kits all week. Throughout the week, the children will be taking part in lots of activities all about our health and wellbeing.


Wednesday 19th June 3.30 – 4.30pm and Thursday 20th June 8.00 – 8.45am Open Classroom. Please come along to the Year 3 classroom to have a look at the children’s books and see what has been happening in Year 3.


Friday 21st June – Own Clothes day – bring a bottle for the Tombola at the Summer Fair

 Saturday 22nd June – Summer Fair


Have a fantastic weekend! I hope there is some sunshine.

 From Year 3 and Miss Ragg


7.6.19 Week 1 of Summer 2!

 Wow, what an action packed first week of Summer 2 we have had in Year 3.

We shared what lovely and exciting things we did over the half-term break. It sounds like everyone had an absolutely FANTASTIC time.

 We had design and technology day on Tuesday. This day was focused on games and feedback. Year 3 got to create their own game of memory. We were manufacturers from start to finish.

Firstly, like all good designers do, we picked a theme and designed our prototype. We then had to have three of our peers review our product and make modifications from the feedback. We were so good at providing constructive and positive advice to our fellow classmates. We then designed the packaging for our game, we made sure that our packaging matched the design of our memory cards. Again, we interviewed our peers for feedback on our design and to make appropriate modifications. We then got to the fun part, turning our dreams into reality. We collected our materials and made our match cards. We used felt for the cards and used our creative minds to apply our designs. We then used felt tip pens to add detail to our packaging. We realised we were missing a very important part to our game, some instructions! So we wrote our instructions using lots of fronted adverbials. We then typed these up on Microsoft Word on our laptops. Miss Ridgeon very kindly laminated these for us to keep them protected and make our game durable. We then got to play our games against eachother and take them home on Friday. I hope everyone has had a chance at playing their child’s game of memory!

 On Thursday we had our poetry performance where we performed, ‘Please Mrs Butler,’ it contained actions and we used lots of expression! There were some very cranky teachers and some very upset students in our poem, lucky no one in Year 3 is called Derrick Drew.

 On Friday we had our first lesson of Cricket for the term. Just a reminder PE kits will be needed every Friday for Cricket. We had lots of fun!


 Wednesday 12th June – Wear your sports kit. We are raising money for a sports charity who will be visiting us during our Health and Wellbeing week. Please wear any sports kit that you like on this day and bring in a donation.

Thursday 13th June – Dad and significant lads breakfast from 8am in the Scott Hall

Friday 14th June – SPORTS DAY. Please read the letters that have been emailed about the details for Sports day, and if you haven’t already please RSVP with your travel details ASAP

Monday 17th  - Friday 21st June Health and Wellbeing week. The children can wear PE Kits all week. Throughout the week, the children will be taking part in lots of activities all about our health and wellbeing.

Wednesday 19th June 3.30 – 4.30pm and Thursday 20th June 8.00 – 8.45am Open Classroom. Come along to the Year 3 classroom to have a look at the children’s books and see what we have been upto.

Friday 21st June – Own Clothes day – bring a bottle for the Tombola at the Summer Fair

Saturday 22nd June – Summer Fair

 Have a lovely weekend! And if you get a chance, have a go at playing memory match.

 From Miss Ragg and Year 3


24.5.19 Week 5 of Summer 1!


What a lovely final week to Summer 1 Year 3 have had.

 In English, we worked on our poetry skills. We wrote an acrostic poem about teachers and students. We also explored MORERAPS poems, a poetry technique to help us include; metaphors, onomatopoeia, rhyme, emotion, alliteration, personification and similes. This also helped us structure our poems!

 In maths, we looked at shapes and symmetry. We investigated parallel and perpendicular lines, looked at acute, obtuse and right angles. We also looked at 3D shapes and their properties. We are experts at this, Miss Ragg was super impressed with our knowledge and vocabulary, such as, vertices, faces and edges.

 In art, Mrs Nicholson was so amazed with the work we produced. We explored impressionism and created a portrait. Look out for our names in an art gallery one day, as there are some Picasso’s in Year 3.

 Sadly, we said farewell Reece, as he has moved with his family out of London. We will miss Reece’s big smile, positivity and his ability to always make us laugh! Best of luck to him at his new school! We will really miss you.

 In the blue homework, there is a poem we have been learning in class. Students are to practise please at home to familiarise themselves with it to perform at the poetry recital assembly on the Thursday of week 1.

 There is also an amazing opportunity for students to write their OWN poem, to enter in the Chiswick Festival. The piece of paper containing the information is in the blue homework folder. Good luck! 

 PE kits will be coming home to be washed and can they please come back on the first day of term, thank you!


Dates for next term:

 Week 1, Summer 2:

 Tuesday – students return.

  • - There will be auditions for the production on the first Tuesday back in the afternoon. The script is being emailed out through parent mail for students that wish to audition.


- We will have our third DT Day on Wednesday 5th June (second day back of Summer 2 – no materials are required).


  • - On Thursday, 6th June is the poetry recital assembly at 9am. All are welcome!


  • - For PE, on Friday’s Year 3 will take part each week in cricket lessons. These will be at 11:30-12:30, students are required to come in their normal school uniform to school and we will change at school. There will be no more Friday swimming lessons.


I hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing half term break. Thank you for your amazing support and involvement this term. We have had so many fantastic and enriching learning opportunities and a lovely time as a class together, so thank you!

 From Miss Ragg and Year 3


17.5.19 Week 4 of Summer 1

 This week in Year 3 we have been looking at poetry techniques. We looked at onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors. A favourite simile written by a student was, “My Mum is skinny like a snake.” We also appreciated different pieces of Children’s poetry. We will be trying to include these techniques in our writing to engage our readers!

In Maths we looked closely at subtraction. We are professionals at using the column method. Miss Ragg has been giving us lots of word problem solving questions to develop our Mathematical skills. At the moment we are working on applying the right operation to solve the mathematical equation.

We were very busy on Wednesday attending the National History Museum. We travelled by tube to South Kensington. We attended a show called ‘Emergency, Earthquakes and Volcanoes’. Here we learned about the exciting world of volcanoes and earthquakes, and their effects on society, in an action-packed, immersive science show. Students explored geological forces from deep within the Earth with awesome demonstrations making a real earthquake and pour lava. The show highlighted the awesome power of our planet’s natural forces and demonstrated the importance and challenge of natural disasters. We then explored the rest of the Natural History Museum. We had so much fun! We were all also super tired when we went home at night. A big thank you to the parents for volunteering their time and attending with us. Being able to break into small groups makes the experience a lot more engaging for the students!

In R.E. we have been looking at the Islamic faith. We have explored the Five Pillars of Islam and on Thursday we wrote our own documentary script about Ramadan which we performed on Friday afternoon. We definitely showed off our amazing interview and acting skills.

In Science we have been exploring magnetic forces. We learnt about the North and South pole. As well as how magnets attract and repel. We also went ‘magnetic fishing’ and tested various materials to see whether they contained metal or not.

We will be having an EXTRA lesson of P.E. on Monday. Please ensure everyone has their P.E. kits. Final swimming lesson on Friday 24th May.

Next Friday 24th May, Year 6 will be having their ‘Enterprise’ fair in the Scott Hall. Please bring in some £ pounds so you can buy some things and support Year 6!

Another busy week in Year 3 completed. We definitely enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies this week.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

See you Monday!

From Miss Ragg and Year 3


10.5.19 Week 3 of Summer 1!


This week in English we investigated how to write our engaging adventure stories, we wrote an orientation, created a problem and resolution within our story. We also made sure to edit our work for punctuation and to make sure it made sense. We used lots of creativity to create these stories! There are definitely some authors in the making in Year 3.

 In Maths, we explored addition problems. We used mental strategies to answer questions as well as number bonds. We also used the column method to solve addition questions up to three digits. We applied these strategies to problem solving questions and also looked at when we would use addition skills in everyday life.

 Please continue to ask us questions about the time! Miss Ragg keeps asking us the time at different stages through-out the day to make sure we are keeping up with our time keeping skills.

 In P.E. we are learning how to play the game kick ball. We are learning the rules as well as teamwork skills. We have been having lots of fun doing this!

Thomas, Hugo, Amaiya, Eliona, Freddy and Sebastian competed in a tennis tournament on Friday. They were superstars and came in third place! Here is a picture of them with their medal, trophy for sportsmanship and t-shirts!




















A big Happy Birthday to Miss Ridgeon who’s birthday is on Sunday.

 We are looking forward tour class trip on Wednesday 15th May, many thanks to all the parents that had volunteered. Miss Ragg has let the parents know that will be attending. Just a reminder students will need a packed lunch on Wednesday please and a small backpack. Students struggle to carry a plastic bag for long periods of time.


Have a lovely weekend!

From Miss Ragg and Year 3


3.5.19 Week 2 of Summer 1!

In English, we began looking at inverted commas within speech. This will prepare us for writing our big adventure story! So far we have developed our setting and our characters. We also looked at adventure stories and what makes readers engage with the stories. We are going to be incorporating these ideas into our own adventure stories next week!

In Maths, we continued to look at time. We read train schedules and solved problem solving equations on time. We also looked at the days, weeks, months and years. Please ask us what the time is! We are practising!

On Tuesday we were so lucky to have the famous violinist Nicola Bendetti visit us. She spoke to us about how she first started learning the violin when she was four years old. She played us a special piece from 300 years ago, on her 300 year old violin. We were all mesmerised. Hopefully there was an influx in instrument practise at home, as she was very inspiring!

As it was the 1st of May on Wednesday we were visited by the Morris Men, they danced to some English folk music and encouraged us to join in. We particularly liked the funny Jack tree.

 This week we participated in Dodge Ball trials. Aimee, Florence, Freddy and Sebastian were the luck candidates selected to participate on Wednesday. They had a great time!

On parent connect there is a note out our class trip to the Natural History Museum on Wednesday 15th May. Please sign the electronic permission and make payment as soon as possible. We are also looking for four parent/carer volunteers. It will be a great day, so please if you are interested email Miss Ragg.

Have a lovely long weekend! See you all on Tuesday.

From Miss Ragg and Year 3


26.4.19 Week 1 of Summer 1!

We came back to school excitedly on Wednesday and shared all the great and exciting adventures we had been on in the holidays. Every single student had some fun and enriching experience!

In English, we started our new topic on adventures. We can't wait for next week when we will be writing our own adventure stories. 

In Maths, we revisited time. Test us whenever you can on what the time is as we are consistently trying to improve!

We started back at swimming, we have shown great improvements in our swimming skills and all of us can now almost swim!

Next week on Monday there will be dodge ball try outs. These students know who they are. They will change into their P.E. kits just before lunch time on Monday to participate in the trial. The successful candidates will then be participating in the tournament on Wednesday. They will receive an information note on the Monday.


  • Homework has started back as usual.
  • Readers are still being changed on a Monday and Thursday.
  • P.E. is on a Wednesday as normal.
  • Friday is still swimming.

Nicola Benedetti visiting St Peter’s

On Tuesday morning, we are incredibly fortunate to have Nicola Benedetti coming to visit St Peter’s. Nicola Benedetti is one of the most sought-after violinists of her generation. Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and dynamic presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the most influential classical artists of today. Some of Nicola’s accolades include a MBE, CBE, 2 Classical BRIT awards and playing with orchestras around the world. Nicola will be speaking in a special assembly on Tuesday morning for the whole school about her career, performing for us and answering questions. Why not you read up on our famous visitor and think of a question you would like to ask

 Hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing weekend!

A big good luck to Miss Cook who will be running the London marathon on Sunday!

From Miss Ragg and Year 3


5.4.19 Class Trip and Easter Bonnet Parade

A big congratulations to Keys who were the ‘House Trip’ winners. They were rewarded with a trip to the cinema!!

We looked amazing at our Easter Bonnet Parade on Thursday, every single person in Year 3 went to an enormous effort and wore the most elaborate bonnets. Miss Ragg had never seen anything like it!













We rushed off to our trip to the Kew Gardens, this supported our Science unit on ‘How plants grow.’ We had a lovely time catching the tube and exploring Kew Gardens. We examined lots of plants. We finished the day by peacefully sitting down and drawing beautiful flowers, trees and pine cones. Later we will be turning these sketches into an art masterpiece! A big thank you to Hannah for coming along and helping us on our trip.




We used our trip to the Kew Gardens to write amazing recounts, we used all the correct features of a recount and included lots of facts and information.

This week in Year 3 we concluded a lot of our units! We did some assessments for Maths, Spelling, Science and Humanities. We are all ready to start our new units next term and to learn many new exciting things.

We hope you have a well-rested and safe Easter.

I will see everyone back on Wednesday 24th April.

Bye for two weeks! From Miss Ragg and Year 3.


29.3.19 - Lots of learning!

This week in Year 3, we have been developing our division skills. We have been looking at word problems and pulling out the key pieces of information to solve equations.

We have now finished writing our recounts on World Book Day, they are very detailed and contain lots information. We are using our editing skills to check our work and improve our vocabulary.

We headed back to swimming this week, which was lots of fun. Next week there will be no swimming due to the Good Friday Church service. However, Year 3 is lucky enough to be doing another term of swimming in Summer 1.

In Religious Education, we have been looking at the big question of, ‘who is the most important person in the Easter story?’. From this we have looked at, why did Judas betray Jesus? We have shown good reflection on how we treat our friends and how Jesus is so forgiving.

Next weeks’ upcoming events:

  • - Wednesday: House Trip for the lucky winners.
  • - Thursday: Easter Bonnet Parade (first thing in the morning before we head off on our trip)

Thursday: Trip to the Kew Gardens

  • - Friday: Good Friday church service

*No swimming

A big Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mother figures in everyone’s life. We hope you have a super special day on Sunday. We have made some cards for the special women in our life which are in our Blue Homework folders. No peaking until Sunday!

 Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

 From Miss Ragg and Year 3

 Big Pedal update:

Wow…so far, we are 1st place in the ‘Big Pedal Regional Positions for Small Primary Schools, 5-day challenge in Greater London’. Nationally, we are positioned 27th, which is fantastic because there are over 300 school involved. We have one more week to go so make sure you are cycling, scooting or walking to school- that means you too adults!


22.3.19 – Amazing Arts Week!


What a fun filled and artistic week we have had in Year 3. Our introduction to Arts Week was our homework task where we researched the artist Claude Monet. We learned lots of knowledge about him and who he was as an artist.

 We participated in an extensive range of Art Workshops. Here is a bit of a run down:

 We had a great time at the Dramatic Dreams Workshop. Here we did lots of fun games and re-enacted a scene from Matilda!


In our musical theatre workshop with Dan we learned how to move our body to the rhythm and use our body language. We learned a dance to the Lion King which was so much exciting.

 We had a dance workshop with Shanice which we all got involved in! We used our creative thinking skills and our teamwork skills to use our bodies to form a bridge.

 We were so lucky to have Tim the Clown visit us again. He made us laugh sooo much and taught us some tricks, such as; spinning a plate on a stick and balancing a feather on our body.








We had the experience of exploring mindfulness in Art. Vanessa, Jaclyn and Bryony turned our Art Room into the most amazing space, with lavender, rosemary, mint and flowers everywhere. Here we made our own vases with flowers in it. We used water and mirrors to reflect the flowers inside the water. We listened to the bid song and real life birds joined in as well.

Olivia showed us how to dance to some Indian music. We wore beautiful Indian sashes with coins on them to make us jingle. The boys wore medals. Some of us received a bindi for excellent dance moves.  




We created our own Claude Monet artworks of the Water Lillies, we will be showcasing these at an Art Exhibition in the Scott Hall on March 29th. We hope you can come along and see our hard work!


Dates for your diary: 

Yoga is back…

On Wednesday 27th March and Wednesday 24th April at 5.30pm, Miss Cook will be holding yoga classes in the Scott Hall to raise money for Mind charity (as part of her Marathon journey); the classes will be one-hour long and suitable for all abilities, so whether you are a first time yogi or a head standing guru, this class is for you! She hopes to see lots of you there.


Big Pedal…

From  the 25th March until the 5th April St Peter’s School will be taking part in the Big Pedal 2019 and in for a chance to win some exciting prizes. For the next two weeks we encourage you to cycle, scoot or walk to school as much as possible so we are in for the chance of winning; each day Miss Cook will send our totals to Sustrans, who are organising the event at the end of each day.


We have had a fantastic week in Year 3 with Arts Week. A big thankyou to Mrs Noonan for organising all of the workshops and to the lovely volunteers for sharing with us their amazing skills.


Have a lovely weekend!

 From Miss Ragg and Year 3


15.3.19 – Grandparents Day and Comic Relief!


We started our week learning about recounts. We are currently writing a recount of World Book Day! So far we have written our orientation, first and second paragraph. Miss Ragg is impressed with how much detail and adjectives we are including in our writing.


In Humanities, we looked at the Romans. We learned lots of important facts. Such as that there were 40,000 people in the Roman Army. We also had a fun time improving our vocabulary by researching with a thesaurus and a dictionary particular words such as settle and invasion.


We were so lucky to have so many lovely grandparents and visitors come into our classroom. We want to thank everyone for coming in and looking at all of our hard work. We particularly had a great time singing at the Grandparents Day assembly. We hope you enjoyed the bunting we made in the Scott Hall for Grandparents Day.











We had lots of fun on Comic Relief Day on Friday. We wore our own clothes and red noses. This was to support children in poverty.



Dates for the diary:

 Big Pedal 2019

Get set… we’re taking part in Sustrans Big Pedal 2019, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking and scooting challenge. The challenge runs from 25 March to 5 April; it’s free and we would love everyone to be involved.

The details

On each day of the challenge schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling, walking or scooting to school. You can let us know if you or whoever does the school run has cycled, walked or used a scooter by informing your class teacher, who will record it on the Sunstrans record sheet.

It’s a great way to get more of our pupils travelling actively to school and is a simple way to boost their physical and mental health- let’s see what prizes we can win!

 Year 3 are SUPER excited for Arts Week next week!

We hope you have a lovely wonderful weekend!

 From Miss Ragg and Year 3



8.3.19 Reading, reading and some more...reading! What an exciting week we had!

On Thursday we celebrated ‘World Book Day’, we dressed up in as our favourite book characters and paraded down the runway to parents and carers. We were read lots of great stories from different teachers. We particularly loved when Ms Trunchbull (Ms Ridgeon) read us a chapter from Matilda in her amazing costume, props and all!

On Tuesday we took part in a whole school book swap, we had so much fun swapping books and receiving great book recommendations from our peers.


In English, we typed up our letters to our crayon that had quit! We wrote from the perspective of Duncan, persuading our beloved crayon to come back home.

 In Maths, we studied millimetres, centimetres and metres. We were able to convert between these measurements. We also looked at time! We used clocks to help our understanding. 


 In Science, we looked at plants and the life cycle they go through. We will be planting some broad beans soon and watching them grow!

 We had lots of fun in P.E. and showed Miss Ragg our amazing football skills. We LOVED our second week of swimming! We also had a great time at our ‘where the wild things are’ dance course on Friday!

 In Religious Education we wrote prayers to our Lord, telling him what we would be giving up for lent and thanking him for our sacrifices. We attended church on Wednesday for the Ash Wednesday service. Nosike and Aimee read aloud lovely and thoughtful prayers they had written.

 Dates for the diary:

Don’t forget, next Thursday 14th March is Grandparents Day! All grandparents are welcome. Come along!


Have a lovely weekend!

From Miss Ragg and Year 3



1/3/19 Bakers and swimming stars

What a lovely start to Spring 2 Year 3 had. We put on our baking hats on Wednesday for DT day and became bakers. We learned all about where bread comes from, that it’s a carbohydrate and also tried some different breads from around the world! We followed a recipe and designed our own bread roll. We talked about sustainable packaging and branded our own delicious bread roll which we took home to share.



On Thursday, we did an excellent job performing, ‘The Life Cycle of a Flower’. We practised at home and performed in front of the whole school and members of the community. This linked with our Science topic this term where we will be learning about plants and how they grow.  

We started our first week of swimming on Friday! There was lots of excitement and eager students ready to swim. Some requested to even go swimming again after lunch on Friday.

In maths, we learned about measurement. We discussed why we needed units of measurement and tried to imagine life without measurement units. We were able to convert between metres and centimetres. As well as millimetres to centimetres.

In English, we looked at the book, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt. We worked on adjectives, personification and planning our own letter we are writing next week from the perspective of Duncan. We will be writing a letter pretending to be Duncan, begging his beloved crayon to come home!

Upcoming events

 Ash Wednesday service – On Wednesday 6th March join us at 9am in St Peter’s Church for our service.

Book Swap – The children can bring in 3 books on Tuesday 5th March and then they will be able to go to the ‘Book Swap Shop’ and change their books for 3 news ones.

Miss Cook’s Yoga Night – as you may know Miss Cook is running the London Marathon, as part of her ongoing fundraising. All are welcome!

World book day – the children all need a costume from their favourite book and a copy of the book with them in school on Thursday 7th March.

Grandparent’s day – I hope many of the children’s grandparents or elderly friends will be able to join us on Thursday 14th March in the afternoon.


Miss Ragg had a lovely start to Spring 2 with Year 3. She was so impressed with their behaviour, attitude to learning and social skills. She is looking forward to all the exciting things ahead this term!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Year 3 and Miss Ragg


15/2/19 – Goodbye Mr Davies

It was very sad to say goodbye to Mr Davies today, he has been a great teacher, lots of fun and as Louie said in assembly today ‘He has taught us things that we didn’t know yet’. He said that we have been a great class and he has enjoyed his time with us.

In English this week, we have finished planning and writing up our leaflets, selling a trip to see the Loch Ness Monster. Mr Davies has been impressed with the persuasive features we have used and how we carefully placed certain features. We have also completed a few assessments and Mr Davies has been very impressed with our scores. In Maths, we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have been finding proper fractions of numbers, simplifying fractions into a smaller form and adding and subtracting fractions. We are now fraction masters in Year 3. In Science, we have been looking at invertebrates and how they protect themselves. Did you know some invertebrates have their skeleton on the outside of their body? Weird huh? From this knowledge we created fact leaflets about different types of invertebrates. In Humanities, we finished off our volcanoes topic by comparing Hawaii (a volcanic island) to England (a non-volcanic island). We found many differences between terrain, animals, housings and the types of activities you could do there. From this we created comparison posters showing the differences between the two places.

That’s all from us and the last from Mr Davies

We hope you all have a lovely half term!

Year 3 and Mr Davies



8/2/19 – Letter from the trenches

It’s the end of another great week in Year 3. On Wednesday, we had the last lesson of our road safety workshop. In small groups we went out onto the pavement and looked at how we can cross safely when there are parked cars around, as sometimes there is not always a safe crossing close to us. We also took part in an exciting drama workshop about internet safety.

In English, we have written up our final letters home from the war. Mr Davies is really proud of our writing and we have used tea bags to make the letters look like they have been carried around during the war. They’re on display in the classroom so you must come and see them! We also started a new topic. We have been looking at leaflets, identifying their key features and also their purpose. We found out that leaflets have many different ways of trying to persuade the reader. On Friday, we planned our own leaflets, selling a trip to hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. We have tried to include as many different persuasive techniques as possible, and are all hoping to persuade Mr Davies to choose our trip.

In Maths, we have started looking at fractions again. Our main focus was looking at equivalent fractions and how we can identify them. We found out that we can use different diagrams to identify equivalent fractions, as well as using our times tables to multiply and divide both the numerator and denominator, to find an equivalent fraction. We have also looked at how we can use our times table knowledge to find unitary and proper fractions of numbers.

In Humanities, we have looked at how the earth’s tectonic plates are responsible for our earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Basically, we live on these moving plates, and when they bash and rub together, creating pressure and friction, which cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We also looked in detail the where plate boundaries lie and which countries are affected. In R.E, we recapped on all the miracles we have covered so far and what we can learn from them. In small groups, we acted out a chosen miracle with freeze frames. The other children had to guess which miracle was being performed and what message we were trying to get across. It was also Mental Health week this week. As a class we looked at what we are good at, what we have achieved and also what we can also improve on. We also looked at who influences our thoughts about this and if they are always being truthful to us. We listened to a story where a young adult was influenced by celebrities and social media, resulting in some unwise decisions. From this, we learnt that we need to trust ourselves, listen to trusted sources and not always believe everything everyone tells us.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies


1/2/19 – Goodbye Rylee

It’s the end of another great week in Year 3, and sadly we said goodbye to Rylee today. We wish him the best of luck for the future.

In English this week, we have continued looking at our story of The Butterfly Lion. We have looked at when Bertie was sent off to war. We learnt about the hardship of living in the trenches and how dangerous war could be. This chapter was really exciting as Bertie manages to miraculously save two of his really injured friends from No-man’s land. From this chapter we have written letters home from the war, describing life in the trenches and the moment Bertie saved is friends. Mr Davies has been really impressed with our level of writing and attention to detail. He said he wants to put the writing on the wall. We are going use tea bags to make our final letters look like they were carried for a long time during the war.

In Maths, we have been looking at shapes this week. We have been looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how we can sort shapes using these properties in Venn and Carroll Diagrams. We have also used our previous knowledge of angles and lines to identify them in shapes.

In Humanities, we looked at the Earth’s tectonic plates and how these are responsible for earthquakes and forming volcanoes. We researched which countries and cities sit on plate boundaries which means that they are really likely to have volcanoes and many earthquakes, luckily we are not near a boundary. We also looked at the ring of fire and the sheer amount of volcanoes that are within it. In Science, we have looked at the human skeleton and why we need it for stability, shape, growth and to be able to move. We looked at the different names for all the bones and compared them to other animals that are vertebrates. In R.E, we looked in detail at the miracle of Jesus calming the storm and what can be learnt from it. We also researched other religions to see if they had stories of miracles. We found out that all the other religions have stories of miracles happening through Gods and Prophets. This week, we also had some road safety training and learnt lots of really interesting facts.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies



25/1/19 – Serious Debates

It’s the end of another great week in Year 3.

In English this week, we have continued looking at our story of The Butterfly Lion. We looked closely at one chapter in particular and completed a reading comprehension. Mr Davies showed us all some really good tricks to help us gain lots of marks and we were all really pleased with our scores. Towards the end of the week we looked at the part when Bertie must make a choice about his white lion – to let him free in the wild or to send him to a circus. From this interesting question, in groups, we wrote and performed our own balanced arguments to the class, persuading them to join our side of the debate. We really enjoyed performing and Mr Davies said we made some really strong points.

In Maths, we began to look at different angles such as acute, obtuse and right angles. We looked at how we could use set squares to identify them and how we could also use protractors to measure their size accurately. We also looked at how we could identify these angles in shapes. Towards the end of the week we began to look at symmetry and reflecting patterns and shapes. This was actually harder than it seemed because we had to draw the shapes ourselves and reflect them. It was really important to count squares from the mirror line and also mark on shapes points to draw them accurately.

In Science, we have looked at The Circulatory System and how our food is broke down within it. We looked at how food is gradually broken down into smaller parts as it travels from the mouth, to the stomach, then the small intestine and finally into the blood stream where it can be transported to the areas of the body that need it. In Humanities, we started to look at and identify the different parts of volcanoes. We also looked at different types of volcanoes and how they are formed. In Computing, we have started a new topic about presenting. We analysed some BBC sports TV shows and looked at all the jobs that go into making a short TV show. We were amazed by the amount of people involved.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies



18/1/19 – We’re going to be famous!!

 On Thursday we had a photographer come in to take our picture for the Tate – Year 3 Project. She told us that our photo is going to be on the wall in the Tate Britain as of November 2019, along with thousands of other Year 3 classes, cool huh? It will be like looking at a Where’s Wally book trying to find ourselves in the gallery, but we are up for the challenge.

In English, we have continued our new book ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have been looking at the role the main characters dad plays and the dangers he faces in his everyday work. We wrote our own short stories called ‘Another day in the veld’, describing the dangers he faces looking after the cattle in the wilderness. We have also looked at the role Bertie plays in saving the white lion cub that has been orphaned. We also planned and wrote, as a school, our own stories from a visual stimulus this week. Some of us maybe lucky enough to write them up in neat for the learning corridor.

In Maths, we have continued to look at Position, Angle and Movement. We looked in more detail at compass points and how we can use them to give directions. We also looked at these in conjunction with right angle turns to give more complicated instructions. From this knowledge we designed our own grid maps for a holiday island and wrote directional questions for a partner to solve. We also looked at the difference between parallel lines and perpendicular lines and how we can find pairs of them in shapes.

In Science, we have looked at the different food groups and the foods which falls within each category. We then planned a balanced meal that included a range of food groups based on our knowledge of the food pyramid. In Humanities, we looked at what the earth is made from and the 4 layers that make it up. We then looked at how this contributes to volcanoes erupting and also looked at the different types of eruptions.  In R.E, we looked at the difference between magic and miracles. Mr Davies tried to trick us by turning water into wine, but we were onto him, he had some blackcurrant juice his in the fresh jar to change the colour of the water he put in. This was a very simple form of magic and not a miracle. We then looked at some more miracles of Jesus and chose one to look at in detail, explaining why it was different to magic.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies


11/1/19 – Happy New Year!!

 Welcome back to the Year 3 blog!

It’s been a great first week back in Year 3 – we have dived straight back into all of our topics!

In English, we have started a new book called ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. At the start of the week, Mr Davies gave us the front cover of the book and we had to predict what the story would be about based on the name and the details on the cover. After that, we began to delve into the story and began to look closely at the section set in South Africa. We compared the two settings where our main character lives – the compound and the veld that surrounds it. We had to write comparative sentences about the two. We then also looked at identifying some of the words that we did not understand. We then used dictionaries to find out the meanings of these unknown words and we able to use them in sentences.

In Maths, we have started to look at Position, Angle and Movement. For the majority of the week, we have been looking at turning within and circle using the terminology of quarter, half, three quarter and whole turn. We then linked this with right angles to use right angle terminology within turning. It was quite confusing but we really understood in the end. At the end of the week, we began to look at coordinates and how we can use them to identify the positions of things. We also looked at how we can use North, South, East and West to navigate around grids.

In Science, we have started looking at Animals and Humans. We have looked at the different food groups and the foods which falls within each category. We then looked at what foods are good for us and what foods we should have in moderation. In Humanities, we have started looking at volcanoes. We have been looking at famous volcanoes and finding out facts about them. We have also been locating volcanoes using atlases. In R.E, we have started looking at the topic of miracles. We have written our own definitions of miracles, identified the miracles of Jesus and also looked at some modern day miracles.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies



21/12/18 – It’s Christmaaaaasssssss!!

 It’s been a very busy last week of the autumn term!

On Monday and Tuesday morning we practiced our carol service in the church to get the amazing show ready for you. We hope that you really enjoyed it. Mr Alex has now also recorded our song and is going to maybe make them into CD’s. In the afternoons on Monday and Tuesday, we continued to make our animations on the learn pads and also finished off our Prehistoric Britain topic by looking at the Iron Age.

On Wednesday, we had some P.E with Robbie and also Art with Mrs Nicholson. Mr Davies also made us finish off a maths test, but he was pleased with our results.

On Thursday, we took part in our first KS2 Christmas Quiz. It was really good fun and some of the questions were very tricky. In the afternoon, we did some Christmas Activities in the classroom. We made some of our own baubles, stained glass windows and also Christmas cards.

On Friday, we had our church service in the morning and had a relaxing end to the term watch ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

Notes for the diary

Monday 7th – Inset day – Children will be returning on the 8th January.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies




14/12/18 – It beginning to feel like Christmas!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 3! On Friday, we watched the KS1 Nativity dress rehearsal and it was brilliant. The younger children performed brilliantly and made us all laugh. Also on Friday, as part of our instructions topic, we made ‘Melted Snowman Cookies’. We had to mix icing sugar and water and then decorate our biscuits as melted snowmen using the icing sugar, marshmallows, smarties and decorative icing. It was great fun and we are really in the Christmas spirit now.

Apart from making the snowman cookies, in English we looked at instructions further. We picked apart their key features and looked at how we could use these to help us order mixed up instructions. We also looked at the ‘ly’ suffix and how we can use this to make adverbs. We then also looked at the importance of using the adverb in instructions to make them detailed. Mr Davies also gave us a couple of tests this week and he said he was really pleased with how well we performed.

In Maths, we have continued our measure topic and have been looking at time. First we looked at telling the time on analogue clocks and how we could match this to the digital form of time. We then applied our knowledge of time to schedules. We were given a zoo keepers timetable and had to work out when he finished certain activities based on how long they took. It was a really hard task. We revisited this the next day and Mr Davies showed us some tricks to help us gain accurate results. By the end of the lesson we were all really pleased with how well we could calculate times in the future.

In Humanities, we looked at the Bronze Age. We looked at why they began to use bronze, what materials they made and how they made it from materials inside rocks. We looked in detail how they made swords using smelting and moulds. In Science, we continued looking at light and shadows. For our experiment this week, we investigated if different materials, that were the same size and shape, would make different shadows. We found out that opaque materials make dark shadows, translucent materials make light shadows and transparent object make hardly any shadow at all.

Notes for the diary

Bling your bike- let’s get active!

To promote scooting or cycling to school, on Wednesday 19th December 2018, we invite you to bling your bike or scooter.

Throughout the day each class will share their designs with one another in the playground, a winning scooter or bike will be selected from each class, and the child who wins will receive a prize.

I look forward to seeing all of your creations- good luck!

Carols by Candlelight - Tuesday 18th December

It is the KS2 Carol Service next week on Tuesday. Children will need to arrive at the church for around 6pm for a 6:30 pm start.

That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies



7/12/18 – Snow Queen

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of watching The Snow Queen at The Bush Theatre. We walked there, along with years 2 and 4. The show was really good and there was lots of exciting songs and dances to join in with.

In English, we have finished writing our quest myths and have had a go and editing and up levelling each other’s work. It’s the first time we have done this and we found it tricky, but we managed to suggest some excellent improvements in the end. For the second half of the week, we started the new topic of instructions. We looked at the importance of imperative/bossy verbs for instructions, so they can give a clear message. We also looked at how we can make instructions concise so that they are easy to read. On Friday, we looked at the key features of instructions and how to give them. Mr Davies pretended to be a robot at the front of the class and we had to give him instructions to make a jam sandwich. Mr Davies did EXACTLY what we said, and we soon realised how detailed we had to be in our instructions to get the result we wanted.

In Maths, we have started the topic of measurement. At the beginning of the week, we worked on how we can use rulers to measure accurately. We had to measure a range of objects around the classroom to the nearest half cm and then order them, it was actually harder than we thought. For the rest of the week we looked at reading scales and converting between units of measure. We looked at how we could convert between g and kg, ml and L and mm, cm, m and km. It was really tricky but we used our excellent place value skills to help us.

In Computing, we used the learn pads to begin to make our animations, we have designed the characters and will be developing them further next week. In Science, we looked at how shadows are made and how they change throughout the day. To test this, we set up an investigation when we had a figure placed on a table. We then used a torch to represent the sun at different times of the day and measured how long the shadows were. It turns out that the shadows are the longest when the sun is low in the sky. In Humanities, we have looked at the Neolithic period and how it changed from the Mesolithic. We looked at how the used stone and looked in detail about Stonehenge and how it was formed. In R.E, we have looked at the epiphany picture and looked at how this links to Jesus’ incarnation.

Notes for the diary

Bling your bike- let’s get active!

To promote scooting or cycling to school, on Wednesday 19th December 2018, we invite you to bling your bike or scooter.

Throughout the day each class will share their designs with one another in the playground, a winning scooter or bike will be selected from each class, and the child who wins will receive a prize.

I look forward to seeing all of your creations- good luck!

Miss Cook


That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend



30/11/18 – Light only travels in straight lines























It’s been another busy week in Year 3 this week.

In English, we have started to write our own planned quest myths. We looked back at our designed characters and settings to refresh our ideas, and also looked in more detail at the 5 part structure of a quest myths. In the early stages of the week, we wrote the first 2 parts – Introduction of the characters and Introduction of the problem. Mr Davies challenged us to include some sophisticated grammar and we stepped up to the plate. He was really impressed with our level of writing. Towards the end of the week we wrote the exciting parts of our quest myth – The journey to the problem and The resolution of this problem, where the hero must battle a monster. We have enjoyed writing them and are looking forward to finishing them off next week.

In Maths, we have finished our fractions topic. At the beginning of the week, we continued to look at finding proper fractions of number as we were a bit unsure on this. After practice, we became so confident that Mr Davies moved us onto ordering proper fractions of numbers. Next, we looked at equivalent fractions and worked in groups to match up written fractions with diagrams. It was harder than we first thought and needed our times table skills to help us. Finally, we looked at comparing fractions using fraction bars. We were adamant that ½ was smaller than ¼ until Mr Davies showed us them in a fraction bar. It turns out that the smaller the denominator, the bigger the fraction because it has been split into less parts.

In Science, we investigated how light travels and how we can change the direction of this. We didn’t initially know that light only travels in straight lines, but once we knew this, we found it easier to be able to change the direction. We created our own mirror maze and had to use mirrors to reflect light to hit a target. When we had accomplished this, Mr Davies made it harder by adding blockers. We then had to use more mirrors to reflect the light onto the target. In Humanities, we moved onto looking at the Mesolithic era and compared it to the Palaeolithic. People became much more advanced in this time and we looked at how they use a site in England called Star Carr to settle. In R.E we looked at the last candle of advent – HOPE. We linked this to the shoebox appeal where you can pack a shoe box full of gifts and give it to others less fortunate. We planned our own shoebox gift for a child less fortunate than us and explained why we chose these items. Mr Davies said we made some really thoughtful choices.


Notes for the diary

It is the Christmas Fair tomorrow. Please come and join in the festivities.


That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies





23/11/18 – We’ve been around the world and back to the Stone Age


We’ve have had a busy but amazing week in Year 3.

On Wednesday, we ventured down to Fulham Palace to learn more about the Stone Age and in particular, the Stone Age life that occurred there. It was a very cold day as we headed down to the palace but the rain held off for us. First, we headed down to the river to look at the importance of the river to the Stone Age people. Did you know that they believed the river was sacred and they regularly gifted things they had made to the river? After that we headed into the woodland and looked at some Stone Age artefacts. Next, we were split into groups and took part in Stone Age activities; we built shelters, made snares to catch animals, went foraging around the grounds and took part in some creative art. We finished off by taking a leaf out of the Stone Age civilisations book and gifting some artefacts to the river.

On Thursday, it was International Day. We all dressed up as our chosen countries and travelled the world visiting Norway, Argentina, India and South Africa. It was really good fun, we learnt lots of facts and we got to take part in activities such as Tango and Bollywood Dancing, Henna Tattooing and Northern Light drawings. Furthermore, we also got to try lots of interesting food such as Potato Cakes, Chimichurri dip, Onion Baoji’s and South African biscuits.

But we still managed to squeeze a lot more into the week.

In English, we developed our knowledge of punctuating speech ready for our quest myths next week and also designed our safe and unsafe settings for it. In Maths, we continued to look at our fractions topic. We found tenth fractions and unitary fractions of numbers, while also finding fractions of shapes by measuring and dividing. In Science, we took part in an exciting experiment. We had to investigating reflective and non-reflective surfaces. Using torches, we investigated which surfaces were the most reflective by measuring the amount off light that they gave off. Did you know that the reason we can see is because of light reflecting? We certainly didn’t. In R.E, we looked at the next candles of advent and the importance of John the Baptist. We looked at how he spread the message of the birth off The Messiah as it was his mission from God. From this, we wrote our own newspaper articles informing people of the birth of The Messiah.

Notes for the diary

It is the Christmas Fair next Saturday. So children can come in non-uniform on Friday and bring a bottle for the Teachers Tombola


That’s all from us

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies





16/11/18 – We will, we will rock you!

Thank you for coming to watch our class assembly, we hope we rocked you!!!We really enjoyed putting on the assembly, singing the songs and performing our poem! We have received lots of compliments from the other teachers and we have had the reception children performing our songs in the playground.

Now back to the curriculum,

In English, we have continued with our Myths topic and have looked at how developing interesting characters and exciting settings can really benefit a myth story, it helps the story to write itself. From this we looked at the difference between safe and unsafe settings and where they appear in myths. We found out that the problems in a myth always take place in the unsafe settings because there are many dangers. On Friday we designed our own hero and monster characters for our own myths that we will write next week. We have even scared Mr Davies with some of our monster choices too!!

In Maths, we have moved onto looking at fractions, in particular tenths. We have been using our knowledge of counting to identify fractions from shapes, ordering them and even finding equivalent fractions from this. We have also been looking at how we can use numerators and denominators to find fractions of numbers. We found this really tricky at first but we have finally got the hang of it!!

In the afternoons this week, we have spent a lot of time practicing our assembly in order to put on the amazing show that we did. But we still managed to get some work done in the classroom. In R.E, we have begun to look at advent and what this symbolises. From this we worked in partners to answer questions about this important time in the Christian calendar. In Art, we have been using our skills in pointillism to create almost Aboriginal pictures of animals of our choice.

Notes for the diary

  • It is parents evening on Monday and Tuesday, so make sure you sign up for a sot if you haven’t already.

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies







This week in Year 3 we have been practicing hard for our class assembly. It is all coming together very well, we just need to brush up on our lines. Mr Davies is sure you are going to be amazed next week!

We also took part in an Anti-Bullying workshop this week, to get us in the right frame of mind for Anti-Bullying week (next week). We all participated well and learnt how to deal with some tricky situations.

In English, we finished writing our Caribbean poems and then moved onto Greek Myths. We have looked at Perseus and Medusa and Jason and the Golden Fleece. We have looked at the structure of these and establish that the hero must go on a quest and retrieve something, while also tacking a monster of some sort. We have also looked at who the villains and the heroes are in these stories and what their traits are.

In Maths, we have continued looking at multiplication and division. We recapped using the grid method for multiplication as we found this tricky last week. We then moved onto using a partitioning method (like we used last week) to half numbers. After that we moved onto looking at how we could divide more effectively. Mr Davies said we are no longer allowed to use the sharing dots method and now have to use our times tables to divide. We didn’t think we would be able to do this at the start, but we found that it is actually a much quicker way of dividing. We have also looked at how we can link these division facts with multiplication facts.

In Computing, we are going to be making our own animations in the coming weeks. This week, we designed our animations and the story we want to tell. We are raring to starting them next week. In Science, we started a new topic about Light and Shadows. We looked at how we need light to see but also how UV Rays from the sun can have harmful effects on our eyes. From this we designed a poster to promote the uses of sunglasses and how they protect our eyes. Mr Davie also showed us a cool experiment where the pupil in our eye changed size. Lastly, in R.E, we looked again at Remembrance Day and wrote our own acrostic poems about what we need to remember on this important day.

Notes for the diary

  • It is Odd Socks Day on Monday in support of Mental Health, so help us remember to wear odd socks.
  • Thursday is our Class Assembly, so make sure you are there for our dazzling show.

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies




Thank you very much for joining us for our poetry recital on Thursday! We really enjoyed performing our poem ‘Talking Turkeys’ by Benjamin Zephaniah. We look forward to performing again for our class assembly soon.

Speaking of class assembly, we got our scripts and parts today. We are doing an assembly on the Stone Age and are very excited about it. We have been practicing the songs already with Mr Davies. We have 2 songs to learn and another poem, so please help us to start to learn these over the weekend!!

We also had DT Day on Wednesday where we made moving mechanisms. In Year 3, we made Merry-Go-Rounds. We had to saw our own wood and then use our skills of folding and measuring to create our Merry-Go-Round. It was tricky but we got there in the end and they look great!!

Now to the academics of the week,

In English, we have been looking in detail at the poem we performed for you on Thursday. We have been looking at its Caribbean style and have also been looking at the meaning behind it. On Friday, we planned and started writing our own Caribbean poems on either ‘The feelings of Christmas trees’ or ‘The feelings of wrapping paper’ at Christmas. We have planned some excellent ideas and are really looking forward to writing the rest of them next week.

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplication with some large numbers. On Monday, Mr Davies showed us how we could use the partitioning method to double 2 and 3 digit numbers. He then showed us how we could use this method and double again to multiply large numbers by 4. We then looked at how we can find related facts between times tables because they can be done in any order. Finally, at the end of the week, we started looking at how we could use the grid method, along with the partitioning method, to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. We are going to continue looking at this last week, as we found it tricky.

In Humanities, we have started our topic of The Stone Age. This week we looked at what the term prehistory means. It means before written history, so we discussed how we could find out about the past if there is no writing about it. Archaeologists and other professionals can find out about the past by finding out what has been left behind. We looked at how they can use special equipment to find out how old things are and where they may be buried. In R.E, we looked at the importance of remembrance in November. We focussed on Remembrance Day and went through how and why we remember. From this we made our own poppies to show our thanks and to help us remember.

We hope you all have a great weekend

Year 3 and Mr Davies



19/10/18 - Mr Davies is back!!!!


Hello and welcome to Mr Davies’ Year 3 blog.

It’s been a great first week back at St Peters and an amazing first week in Year 3. All the children have worked so hard and shown tremendous enthusiasm for learning.

In English, we worked on a few grammar areas at the start of the week and developed our knowledge. Later in the week, as part of Black History Month, we wrote a speech from the point of view of Rosa Parks. We gave a back story to our ordeal on the bus and an explanation of our feelings when we were asked to give up our seat. We also included, the reasons for not giving up our seat and what we hoped this stand would achieve. On Friday, we looked at developing our vocabulary and listening skills. In pairs, we each drew a picture of Willy Wonka (hidden from our partners view) and then had to describe it to our partner, so they could attempt to draw the exact same picture. It was a lot harder than we first thought. Mr Davies highlighted how we needed to use lots of adjectives, prepositions and nouns to get the pictures as close as possible.

In Maths, we have been continuing to look at subtraction. We first continued to practice using the written method for subtraction, where we had to exchange numbers so we could complete the calculations. We are all very confident in this area now. Towards the end of the week, Mr Davies taught us some mental subtraction methods to help us with speed. We looked at how we could partition and round the numbers we were taking away, and actually work out the answers in our heads.

In Computing, we have started the topic of making our own animations. We explored some animations as part of our first lesson and will be designing our own next. In Science, we looked at the six stages of the fossilisation process and how the bones are gradually replaced with a stony substance. In Humanities, we looked at the different countries within continents and the capital cities within these countries. We had to use atlases to locate countries and cities on a world map. I R.E, we looked at the Sikh leader Guru Nanak and identified the characteristics of a good leader. Then on Friday, Mr Davies had a treat for us. We had 4 influential people important in Black History. In groups we had to choose one and use 1 newspaper and 1 roll of masking tape to make the outfit that they were wearing. Mr Davies was very impressed with our teamwork and creative skills. Check out the pictures.

We hope you all have a great half term.

Year 3 and Mr Davies



Friday 12th October

We reach the end of another week in Year 3 and what a busy week it has been.  The week began with a whole school service held at St Peter’s Church to celebrate Harvest.  It was lovely to see so many of the children bringing in donations of food and toiletries to share with the Upper Room and Fulham Foodbank, your generosity is much appreciated. 

On Wednesday, the children joined Year 2 and Year 4 on a trip to the Royal Albert Hall in order to participate in the Primary Proms event. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience live music in one of the world’s most famous concert halls.  The Primary Prom concerts aim to inspire and motivate the next generation of music makers, which I think it most certainly did.  Presenter Rachel Leach guided the audience through the concert which explored various instruments and sounds and included performances from a number of talented young musicians.There was also plenty of opportunity for audience participation, which we always love here at St Peter’s!  The children were wonderful role models for our school and a fantastic morning was had by all.

In addition to their outings the children have been working hard in class.  In English they have been learning about the features of a newspaper article.  Today the children took on the role of mini-journalists and started work on their own articles based around the story of the three little pigs.  The children worked extremely hard to include powerful verbs, fronted adverbials and speech marks in their writing; they all did a wonderful job.

In Mathematics the children have been continuing their work on number, using formal written strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.  Some of the numbers proved a little tricky, however being such resilient learners the children didn’t give up and persevered until they reached the correct answer, making us all very proud.

Just a few reminders as we look towards the final week of our first half term of the academic year – where has the time gone?

Black History Week

Next week we will be celebrating Black History Month when the children will be learning about a number of Black History icons including Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks who have devoted their lives to giving the black population equal rights.  They will complete work in class based upon these inspirational icons and will also participate in an interactive workshop on Wednesday morning.  In addition to this, we look forward to a return visit from the Jesus House Gospel Choir; please join us for our whole school assembly on Tuesday morning in the Scott Hall at 9am in order to see them perform.

Family Supper

Please join us on Thursday 18th October for our annual Family Supper. Please bring along a dish to share to the Scott Hall from 5 – 7pm (no nuts please).

Show Racism the Red card

On Friday 19th October we would like all of the children to add something red to their uniform to mark the national event ‘Show Racism the Red Card’.

So another fun packed week ahead. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.

Miss Frazer


5th October 2018

Congratulations to Eliona and Florence for receiving the Head Teacher’s certificate award. Eliona shows excellent manners throughout the day and has recently been a great role model for her friends. Florence participates in every lesson and tries her best by pushing herself for the challenge and super challenge options.

Next week, our TAA’s are Mattia (Monday’s TAA), Grace (Tuesday’s TAA), Sebastian (Wednesday’s TAA) and Reece (Thursday’s TAA). Congratulations to these children for receiving the most points for their house. Nosike (Friday’s TAA) received the extra TAA position for his amazing role model behaviour.

In Maths, children have been focusing on addition using Base 10, number lines, mental maths strategies and written methods. We have just moved onto column addition and will be learning to regroup next week.

In English, children have read real newspaper articles and identified features of a newspaper. Children are beginning to plan their newspaper article and we’re looking forward to make them look like real newspapers next week.

In Science, children wanted to learn more about gems and minerals. We talked about how these rocks were made, what country they were from and then using glitter we drew and designed some of these beautiful precious rocks- Thank you Hugo for bringing In your poster about rocks!

In Humanities, children gathered information about the continents and next week we will be making our own information reports. These will all be displayed in our classroom.

Next week:

On Monday children will be going to the church for the Harvest Festival and children are asked to bring in some dry food that can be donated. Please bring this in next Monday morning.

Next Wednesday, Year 3 will; be heading to the Primary Praise from 9:00am until 1:00pm and we will be needing one parent helper. If you would like to volunteer to help, please come and let me know before or at the end of school. Children will be provided with pack lunches.

Thank you Year 3 for a wonderful week and thank you parent helpers.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all next week.

Miss MacDonnell.









28th September 2018

Congratulations to Thomas and Freddie for receiving the Head Teacher’s certificate award. In English, Thomas has been working hard, presenting his work beautifully and setting a really high standard. In Maths, Freddie has been impressing us with his quick mental Math strategies and continues to work hard in every lesson.

Next week, our TAA’s are Honor, Qinlan, Annabel and Freddy. Congratulations to these children for receiving the most points for their house.

This week, children enjoyed a recycling workshop, where children recycled and made paper using old newspaper. Children worked in groups and showed excellent team work skills as they organised who went first, second etc.


In Maths, children have been working hard learning some mental Math strategies and we will continue to do these throughout the year to help train our brains. Mathletic login details have been handed out so please get practising! We will be looking at how to log on next week and how to challenge ourselves.

In English, we finished some character descriptions and even enjoyed watching the first part of the movie while noting the important aspects of a movie setting- everyone was extremely excited. Next week, we will be writing our own newspaper articles so why not take a look at some newspaper features during the weekend.

 Thank you very much to the parent helpers. Your help is much appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all next week.


Miss MacDonnell




21st September 2018

 What a lovely week Year 3 have had! Congratulations to both Stella and Amaiya for receiving the Head teacher's award this week. Stella received the award for her resilience and hard work in Maths while working her way to the Super Challenge options and Amaiya for her consistent focus and diligence during every Maths lesson.

Children worked hard in lots of different subjects this week. In Computing, children were reminded about being safe online and were asked to create a poster using Word. Children will be finishing these during our next computing session.

In English, children were introduced to the winning characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and acted out amazing interview scenes to help them plan and write a character description.

In Maths, children estimated, worked out and wrote numbers on a number line to 1000 and had fun playing number line games to help deepen their understanding.

In Religion, children learnt about Sikhism and how it began and some very interesting discussions around different religions and beliefs arose and in Humanties we began learning about the wolrd's continents and came across some interesting facts..




Today all of the children in year 3 spent their house points on rewards of their choice. Keep up the fantastic listening and hard work. This will happen every Friday so keep collecting those points!

Well done to Samria, Hanna, Nosike, Grace, Isobelle S and Honor for becoming T.A.As and thank you to last week’s T.A.As who were so helpful and sensible.

Just a reminder:


Spelling, Times table and SPAG homework goes out in green folder.

Reading records changed.

Friday homework (blue folder) back in.


Monday homework (green folders) back in.

English and Maths homework goes out in blue folders.

Monday homework (green folders) back in.

We have a Newspaper workshop next Wednesday at 1:30- 2:30 pm. If three parents volunteers would like to help, this would be much appreciated and If children could also bring in some old newspaper from Monday on wards.

There will be a coloured coded box outside the classroom door at 8:45 am, if children wish to drop their homework into it before school starts.

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week.

Miss MacDonnell.





14th September 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Year 3 have had a great first whole week in school. The children have worked hard, had fun and learnt lots of new things.

 In Maths we’ve been looking at place value, In English we began the story of 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' and in Humanities we began our topic 'Our World'. We discussed what we already knew about our world around us and what we would like to find out about. Some children wanted to find out how many people were in the world, while others suggested, we find out how many dogs there are in the world!

Children used their acting skills to create Freeze Frames for the first chapter of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and they all thought about their feelings and why they felt a particular way. Louis really got into the role of the ecstatic children entering the chocolate shop and Rylee as a hard working factory worker in the toothpaste factory.








Children used their own word banks, freeze frame skills and ‘Talk For Writing’ skills to write amazing pieces of writing. The children then focused really hard to present their work for a classroom display and showed beautiful hand writing skills.

Children in Year 3 have been working hard to earn lots of points for their houses so keep up the excellent behaviour and can do attitudes. What a great start year 3!

Things to note:

My school email address is: which is linked to my previous email. If you need to contact me regarding your children, please feel free to email the address above or you can come and speak to me in the playground before school.


Just a reminder:


Spelling, Times table and SPAG homework goes out in green folder.

Reading records changed.

Friday homework (blue folder) back in.



Monday homework (green folders) back in.

English and Maths homework goes out in blue folders.

Monday homework (green folders) back in.


 On P.E and gymnastic days, children are to come into school in their uniform. They will get changed before and after the lesson. P.E bags can be taken home on Fridays to be washed and returned on the Monday.


Thank you Year 3 for another lovely week. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday. 


Miss MacDonnell.



 Welcome to Year 3



Our teacher is Miss MacDonnell and our teaching assistant is Ms Ridgeon.


3rd September 2018

What a lovely introduction week we have had in Year 3! It has been a pleasure to join St. Peter’s CE school and meet all your amazing children. We had lots of fun getting to know each other in our welcome session and together created some class rules for this year.

To begin the year on an inspiring and motivating note, children were introduced to the book ‘Oh the places you’ll go’. This book by Dr. Seuss, talks about facing challenges, resilience and persistence. To show the power of the mind, some children demonstrated moving a hanging object with only their eyes- how impressive the mind can be! The whole class loved this fun and exciting story and were extremely keen to take part in all the planned lessons round this topic. In PSHE children shared their worries, challenges and dreams with their friends and in Art, children made hot air balloons with photos of themselves to represent them flying towards their dreams.

Finally in Maths this week children made an ‘All about me’ poster which allowed children to create different Maths problems exploring different operations. For example: How many brothers do I have? 2 X 1 =? We also practised our times tables using the sing along Times Tables song (

Our first week back has been fantastic and we are all looking forward to a joyful and educational year ahead. Please feel free to come and say hi and have a chat- I will be in the playground every day at the beginning of school.

Notes for the diary:

Open Classroom

On Thursday evening, from 5-6pm there will be an open classroom evening. Please come along so you can meet the class teachers and look around the children’s classroom. Following this, there will be a BBQ taking place in the Scott playground. We’d love to see you there!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Miss MacDonnell and Ms Ridgeon.