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St Peters Hammersmith

Year 4

Friday 17th January 2020


Good afternoon, Spring term is up and running and moving just as fast as Autumn as we approach the end of week 2. This week Year 4 have been doing lots of fantastic work around fractions, instructions, asking Who is Jesus and much more.

In English this week children have continued to look at the story The Lion and The Unicorn by Shirley Hughes. We planned our instructions for how to catch a mythical unicorn and Year 4 came up with some fantastic ideas for equipment they would need. Items such as: cloaks of calming, magic whistle, unicorn horn cover to name but a few.

Year 4s brains were really tested during Maths this week as we continued to study fractions. The children’s knowledge of fractions is still wowing Mr Kilgannon. This week the children added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator as well as finding complex fractions of amounts. We worked in mixed pairs on Friday to solve fractions of amounts word problems.

Who is Jesus? A vastly complex and broad question, but one which Year 4 will be tackling in their RE lessons this term. This week we discussed a Bible verse in which Jesus describes himself as “The bread of life” as a class we discussed what this metaphor meant. Children worked out that Jesus means he is sustaining just like bread. We thought about what sustains us in Mind, Body and Spirit.

And of course this week Year 4 have been doing plenty of rehearsals for our upcoming class assembly! Please ensure your child has learnt their lines and song lyrics. Costumes will play an important role as well, if you have any items similar to the outfits described on the front of your child’s script, please prepare them for next week.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

Friday 10th January 2020


Hello and welcome to 2020! I hope you and your families had a lovely break and are enjoying the start of 2020. It was brilliant to see you again this week.

Year 4 have picked up right where they left off and have had a super busy week. In Maths we began our new topic focusing on fractions. We have been recognising fractions in shapes and finding equivalent fractions. The children blew my socks off with their knowledge!

In English we have started reading the wonderful The Lion and The Unicorn by Shirley Hughes. This is a fabulous book all about a boy called Lenny Levi. A World War 2 evacuee who has been sent to the countryside and his struggle without his Mum. Lenny finds a magical unicorn so Year 4 are going to be writing instructions for how to catch a unicorn.

Electricity is our Science topic this term and our first science lesson certainly caused a buzz. We introduced electricity, circuits and conductors. Children got hands on and made their own simple circuits using wires, a battery and bulb. We made the room light up!

Notes for this term:

In your child’s homework pack is our updated timetable for this term.

PE – Monday, Tuesday.

On Monday please send children in their kit.

Request from Reception

Reception class are wanting to update their collection of fancy dress clothes. If you have any costumes (Ages 5 -6) at home that you no longer want then please donate them to the Reception class. Any costumes would be welcome but we would really like some more costumes that are book characters, professions or from traditional tales. Thank you, Mrs Noonan  

Nativity DVDs

For those of you who ordered a copy of ‘I’m Gonna Shine’ on DVD before the holidays and didn’t collect your copy then please see the school office to collect your disc and pay for the DVD.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon

Friday 20th December 2019


For the final time in 2019…Year 4 have come to the end of Autumn term and what a busy term it has been!

Some highlights from the term:

  • - A brilliant trip to The Chocolate Museum to learn about The Mayans
  • - Excellent writing about The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
  • - Brilliant creativity in Art making Leonardo Da Vinci style inventions
  • - Investigating both Sound and States of Matter
  • - Visiting Tate Britain and seeing last years class photo displayed in the Steve McQueen exhibition

And finally topped off with the wonderful Carols by Candlelight performance on Tuesday. All of the children were incredible and I was immensely proud of their performance.

Next term is set to be just as eventful, enjoy your break and thank you again for all your support during Autumn term.


Merry Christmas


Mr Kilgannon

Friday 13th December 2019


The penultimate week before we break up for Christmas has past us by and yet again Year 4 have been very busy!

On Monday Year 4, alongside Year 3 visited Ravenscourt Baptist Church to watch a pantomime! The performance of Job & Jingle, two medieval characters competing to create the most amazing Christmas party for their Queen, was full of laughs, jokes “He’s behind you’s” and even some water pistols. The children absolutely loved this performance and so did the teachers.












Throughout the week Year 4 have also been carrying on with some important learning before the break.

In Maths Year 4 have been looking at measures, tackling tricky conversion between kilograms and grams. On Thursday the conversion method really clicked and all of Year 4 did amazingly well.

In English we are coming to the end of The Lion, The Witch and Wardrobe. Children are writing a letter from Edmund to his parents, informing them of everything the four children in the story have been up to on their crazy adventure.

As well as their curriculum learning Year 4 have been doing lots of practice for our Carols by Candlelight performance. The songs are beginning to sound wonderful and I look forward to seeing you all at the church service:

Tuesday 17th December 6.00pm

Please drop your child off at the church promptly with a reading book for 5.45pm.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

6th December 2019


Good afternoon, this week has been a steady one for Year 4 yet we still managed to squeeze in a trip to Bishops Park Tennis Club! It feels like we are constantly outside of the classroom this term.

On Monday Years 3 and 4 walked to Bishops Park Tennis club, the children were amazing as they walked all the way along Thames Path and towards Putney for over half an hour! Once we arrived at The Tennis Club Years 3 and 4 were split by class and competed against other schools in tennis skill games and challenges. Everyone got really enjoyed and had an enjoyable time in some chilly conditions!





Continuing our topic of measures, this week Year 4 began to study perimeter. We discussed what perimeter was as well as found the perimeter of squares and rectangles. Later on in the week children began to work with trickier rectilinear shapes. They were challenged by Mo Farah to calculate the perimeters of some of the parks that he runs around!

In English children completed their Narnain Travel brochures. Some of the writing was fabulous and very persuasive. Be time Mr Kilgannon had finished reading them he wished so much that he could visit some of the amazing lodges and resorts that had been described.

House Dodgeball Competitions

Over the next week, within PE lessons, St Peter’s will be running the first sporting House Competitions; the competitions will be house dodgeball competitions which will take place within our year groups. Each class will be divided in their house groups where they will compete against their opposing house groups to win the House Competition trophy. Each year group will have a winning house but the trophy will be given to the house with the most wins across the school; the trophy will be presented in one of our assemblies and each member of the winning house will receive a certificate. We hope that our sporting House Competitions will be an opportunity for all children to take part in competitive sport and represent their house. We will be organising a termly sporting competition and the trophy will be displayed in the trophy cabinet.


Have a lovely weekend


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

29th November 2019


Good afternoon, his week Year 4 have been incredibly busy. Attending Tate Britain on Wednesday and lots of children performing in the music assembly which was held on Thursday.

In their English learning this week Year 4 have been continuing their travel brochure’s about Narnia. They have planned their paragraphs and learnt persuasive techniques such as using 2nd person, rhetorical questions and using boastful adjectives. I am looking forward to reading their finished brochures next week once they have edited and published their work.

In Maths this week Year 4 have been looking at a new topic – measure. We began the week by learning about metres and centimetres and ended the week solving the perimeter of rectangles and squares. Even Miss Frazer came to watch one of our interesting Maths lessons!

On Wednesday Year 4 visited Tate Britain as part of the Steve McQueen art project. Last year Steve McQueen took photos of over 7,000 children around London to be displayed in the gallery. This was a great day out for Year 4 who were able to find their photograph amongst hundreds of others in the gallery and explore the Tate Britain.






To round our week off St Peter’s held their first Music Assembly, a fantastic display of musical talent from our children. A huge well done to:
















Have a lovely weekend. 

Mr Kilgannon and Year 4 

22nd November 2019


Another busy week has passed Year 4 by as we begin to approach December.


This week:

In English Year 4 have continued to read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Year 4 have read a travel brochure and are going to create their own travel brochure for a Narnian resort. This week we have used rhetorical questions to persuade as well as 2nd person. Next week the children will begin their writing in an attempt to persuade their audience.

Maths has been tricky this week. Year 4 have been tackling division. We have divided by estimating the quotient, sharing in groups and divided using a numberline. Using a numberline was really helpful to Year 4 but sometimes, with bigger numbers it is not helpful. That’s when Year 4 need to use short division (bus stop) method. We have been practicing this method lots this week.

In Science Year 4 have been observing over time. We set up and planned our own investigation to see how solids would change their state if let in the classroom over a period of time. We decided to observe ice-cream, butter, ice and chocolate. So far two of the solids have made considerable changes to their state!


Environmental day:

On Thursday St Peter’s held its environmental day. Children were grouped into their houses and have different lesson in Year 3,4,5 and 6. Each lesson was different and focused on one aspect of our lives that we can change to impact the environment. Activities included: designing a paper cup to replace plastic cups, creating a reusable bag and a classroom debate surrounding pollution.







15th November 2019


Good afternoon, this week’s blog is an exciting one as we come to the end of another week. A week in which Year 4 came to school dressed as super heroes and made their own Mayan chocolate.


The Chocolate Museum:

As part of their learning, on Tuesday Year 4 visited Brixton Chocolate Museum. They attend an amazing workshop based around how the Mayan’s made chocolate. Firstly Year 4 learnt that the Mayan’s used to ground up the cocoa nibs from the cocoa pods, trying to make them as fine as possible. They mixed in spices like chilli or cinnamon and heated the cocoa over a fire. Sometimes they drank the hot cocoa liquid (similar to hot chocolate) and later in the civilization they cooled the chocolate and ate it as a treat.

The children in Year 4 got to grind their very own cocoa nibs, then they added spices and honey to sweeten the mixture. The children parcelled their chocolate and put it in the freezer to cool.

While their chocolate was cooling Year 4 designed and made their own labels and packaging. In the museum they were taught about Mayan hieroglyphs and chose their favourite hieroglyphs to label their chocolate bars.

At the end of the workshop everyone had their very own chocolate bar made similarly to how the first Mayan’s would have made them.






Anti-Bullying Workshop:

In line with Anti-bullying week this week on Thursday Year 4 attended another great workshop focused around anti-bullying. Children discussed different scenarios and how they could react in that situation. Year 4 were extremely considerate and worked hard to combat bullies.




Please enjoy all of our photos from this week and have a lovely weekend.

Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

Friday 8th November


We have come to the end of another busy week here in Year 4. A week which has included DT day as well as all of our other curriculum learning.



This week children have been looking at one of the four operations – multiplication. Year 4 have been finding strategies to multiply in their head as well as using partitioning and recombining. Towards the end of the week children started to use the short multiplication method.


Continuing to look at The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this week children planned their dangerous story setting ready to draft write next week. We have used prepositions and looked at several different linguistic features to help us describe effectively.

DT Day:

As part of DT Day 2019 Year 4 were tasked with designing and making their own observational box boxes. Initially we looked at bug boxes on the internet and did some product research. We found out that surprisingly bugs are attracted to bright colours! We then planned our designs on paper before painting the individual parts of our bug box. Finally we assembled the boxes and attached our nets using glue. We all made a fantastic product!






Dates for your diary…

As ever as St Peter’s we have a full diary of upcoming events

Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November – Parents Evening

Wednesday 6th November – DT day

Monday 11th November – ‘Odd Socks Day’ wear odd starts to start Anti-Bullying Week

Thursday 14th November – Super Hero Day. The House Captains of Fisher House have organised a day in support of JDRF Diabetes Charity. Add something to your uniform to be a super hero.

Friday 15th November – Children in Need (more information to follow from the School Council)

Thursday 21st November – Environmental Day

Friday 22nd November – Wear your own clothes day and bring in a £1 donation in support of ‘Just One Tree’

Saturday 30th November – Christmas fair – Scott Hall from 2pm-6pm

Have a lovely weekend

Mr Kilgannon and Year 4 

1st November 2019


Hello and welcome back to school! I hope you all had a lovely half term break.  It was fantastic to see everyone back with smiling faces on Monday morning.

As we begin Autumn 2 Year 4 have settled back down wonderfully. This term we are changing some topics and will be discovering all about Rivers, Leonardo Da Vinci and becoming toy designers to name a few.


This week we have recapped and finished looking at shape. Year 4 studied polygons and triangles including isosceles, equilateral and scalene. Everyone had a go at drawing these triangles and we discussed their properties such as interior angles.


This term we are reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, a fantastic book by C.S. Lewis. Children have been enthralled by the imagery of Narnia and are going to write their own dangerous setting story.

Poetry Recital:

On Thursday Year 4 performed in front of the whole e school and lots of parents for their poetry recital. We performed the poem Jim by Hillare Belloc. The children were amazing, so confident, and loud and their poem sounded great. Mr Kilgannon was very proud.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

Friday 18th October


Half Term!


Year 4 have had a very busy final week of the term with this week being St Peter’s week to focus on Black History Month. Year 4 have taken part in lots of different workshops as well as listened to some exciting guest speakers.

Monday Bob a TV producer and director came to speak to use in our classroom. Bob works in TV and with lots of broadcasting agencies such as the BBC and SKY. He brought some of his staff including camera men and producers. They also brought in their TV cameras to show use what they do on set! Bob was the first black man to own his own production company in Soho, a real inspiration for Year 4.

On Wednesday Show Racism the Red Card came to school and we had a fantastic morning workshop centred on racism, our perceptions and the way we view ourselves. It was thought provoking stuff and all the children were confident and spoke in a safe environment.

This week each class were given a famous black icon or figure to study. Year 4 studied Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a slave during the 19th century in America. She escaped slavery using something called The Underground Railroad. After she escaped Harriet decided to go back and help others! In her life she saved over 300 slaves from different American states and was never caught. A true inspiration! We researched Harriet’s life and wrote a biography.










Art Competition

The Art Ambassadors are running an ‘Art Competition’ for the whole school to promote art and to celebrate the amazing talents we have in our school. To enter the competition please make a piece of art based on the theme ‘Fantasy’ on an A4 piece of paper. Please write your name and year group on the back of your artwork. All entries must be given to an Art Ambassador or Mrs Noonan by Tuesday 29th October. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and the winning pieces of work will be displayed in the Art Room for everyone to see.


Have a lovely week off during half term.

See you all on the 28th.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

Friday 11th October 2019


Year 4 have had a very busy this as we approach half term.


To start the week off, in English children went on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to find missing dragons! Some dragons have been spotted over Hammersmith and especially flying over Ravenscroft Park! Year 4 have written Wanted Posters in order to help people spot the dragons and will write a non-chronological report.

Four our Maths lessons we have moved onto shape to end the term. Children have been discovering all about 2D and 3D shape. They got hands on with some 3D shapes and have been describing shapes properties to each other.

By far the most exciting lesson this week though has been Science. Children had previously planned an investigation into how sound proof different materials are. On Thursday children investigated to find out which materials: tin foil, cling film, tissue paper or toilet roll was the best at sound proofing a musical instrument. They recorded their results in a table and a graph!

We also attended Primary Proms in the Royal Albert Hall. This was a fantastic experience for children to see some incredible live music. Please see below for some photos of the trip and thank you again for all the parents that helped and volunteered.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4  

Friday 4th October


Year 4 have had yet another busy week full of learning and fun.


In Maths this week Year 4 have been working on their subtraction and understanding inverse. They were all super stars when it came to estimating and column subtraction – solving lots of tricky problems.


Over the past two weeks in English Year 4 have been working on their “Outwitting a villain story” based on Fantastic Mr Fox. Today Year 4 wrote their story up in best for our English display. All of the stories were exciting and fun to read. Year 4 have a real flair and imagination for writing.

We also continued our topic of Sound in Science. We first visited different locations around the school to see which was the quietest and which was the loudest. We discussed sound sources and the materials sound had to travel through to reach our ears. Year 4 have planned their own soundproofing experiment which we will complete next week.

House Keeping:

It is clear Year 4 love reading and most children always have a book in their hand. It would be lovely to put some photos of the children reading for pleasure at home. Please send in any photos so we can display them in our reading corner.

Monday 7th October – Harvest Festival Service

Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4

Friday 27th September


We are almost a month into Year 4 now and the time is flying! Year 4 have continued to be amazing in the classroom and have produced some super learning – a few pieces of which are now on our English display and Art Gallery.



This week we changed our writing focus to narrative, conquering a villain story. We are using inspiration from Fantastic Mr Fox and Boggis, Bunce and Bean to write our own story. Our animal characters are going to outwit their villain and save the day. Some of the characters Year 4 have already thought of are amazing: Fantastic Mr Rabbit, Iguanas and Warthogs to name a few!



Year 4 have moved on from place value and into work with our first operation – addition. Year 4 have shown great confidence and knowledge with addition and were excited to show their column addition skills. On Friday we applied their knowledge of addition to answer word problems in pairs.



Year 4 blew Mr Kilgannon’s socks off with their scientific thinking and questions on Wednesdays. We were investigating the relationship between distance and the volume of sound. Year 4 planned their own investigation involving dropping a glue stick from a specific height and stepping backwards until they could no longer hear the sound. Their investigation were a great success and all children were thinking very scientifically.

Friday 20th September


Another fun and busy week has passed us by as we continue into Autumn term. This week Year 4 have been engaging in lots of exciting learning.



In Maths this week Year 4 have continued to look at Number and Place Value. We are building on an already strong knowledge base and were confident to use negative numbers. We ended the week focusing on Roman numerals. We made Roman numerals using multi-link cubes and on Friday problem solved roman numerals questions in partners.



We have blown Mr Kilgannon’s socks off with our writing attitude and enthusiasm! Everyone has worked really hard to write a play-script based on Fantastic Mr Fox. We have all used features of a play script including stage directions and colons. Our scenes follow on from when Mr Fox had his tail shot off by the evil Boggis Bunce and Bean!  


This week we started our computing topic for autumn. We are going to become game designers! Using scratch Year 4 are going to create their own educational game. This week we played some educational games and made a storyboard of ideas for our own game.


Bike to School Week

Bike to School Week is a week-long (23rd- 27th September 2019) event designed to showcase the benefits of cycling to school across the UK.

Bike to School Week is a great opportunity to promote the positive impact that an active lifestyle can have on pupils' wellbeing and health. It's free, there's no need to register, and it's a fantastic way to get warmed up ready for Sustrans Big Pedal in the spring.

During Bike to School Week we ask teachers to encourage pupils, parents and staff to cycle to school.

To win, Sustrans invite you to download the free 'Guide to walking, cycling and scooting to school' and to take part in the photo competition; click the link below for more information.


Friday 13th September


Good afternoon, we have just come to the end of our first full week back in school! Year 4 have hit the ground running and have been completing some fantastic learning.



In Maths we have begun with place value. We have learnt the meaning of place value and dealt with numbers up to 10,000. We can recognise the value of digits in 4 digit numbers and towards the end of the week started to place numbers on a numberline.

We have also started to practice our times tables regularly, we have been playing a times tables game called ‘Maths Wizard’!



In our English lessons we have started to look at one of Roald Dahls’ stories – Fantastic Mr Fox. We are actually studying the play script version and have been writing our own play scripts. Next week we will perform them!


On Wednesday we had a Street Dance workshop. Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the street dance activities and our moves were groovy! Hopefully some of us will join the street dance after school club.














House Keeping:

  • - Monday’s homework is to be returned on Friday.
  • - Children are to come to school on Friday’s in their PE kit ready for gymnastics. They need their school uniform to change into afterwards.
  • -

Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4.



6th September 2019


Welcome to Year 4, please enjoy reading our first blog of the year!



Our class teacher is Mr Kilgannon and our TA is Ms Royer. This week we have had a fantastic start to the year, the whole class has settled in excellently. We have adjusted to new routines and a new exciting classroom. 


We've written postcards about our summer holidays, it was great to share our holiday stories! As well as this, we have written some beautiful poems for our class prayer book. It has been a great first few days back.


Looking forward to next week and beyond, PE will be on Monday and Fridays. Homework will be sent home on Monday evening to be returned Friday and again on Friday to be returned Monday.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Kilgannon and Year 4