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St Peters Hammersmith

Welcome to Year 4!

Our teacher is Miss Line and our TA is Ms Royer. 

10th May

On Wednesday this week, a local history expert visited us. She told us about the famous inhabitants of Hammersmith and their lives. We learnt about George IV and his wife Caroline (who Queen Caroline Street is named after). We then learnt about who has a Blue Plaque in Hammersmith and who doesn’t. We debated if these historic figures deserved one and who might get a Blue Plaque today.

Excitingly, this week we had a rather different science lesson. We were learning about keeping our teeth healthy and protected from plaque.  We were given disclosing tablets to see where the plaque collects in our mouths. It also dyed our mouths bright pink! After the fun of that experiment, we investigated different toothpastes to see if they make a difference in keeping teeth healthy and clean. 

This week in maths, we have started statistics and looking at data. We created our own tables on the children’s favourite activities and made bar charts from the results. We have also been looking at pictograms and line graphs.  In English this week, we finished off our newspaper reports about the missing cat catastrophe in Varjak Paw. We are now writing them up neatly, ready to make an amazing display. In RE, we were questioning how the Bible could be used as a map for Christians and their lives. Finally, in computing we are creating our own Wikipedia pages about famous people.


Next Week

Trip to National Archives on Tuesday – please bring pack lunch

Meyers Cup Trials are starting – there are many sessions so do not worry if you are not in the first group

Our local history trip will be rescheduled to a day with better weather most likely next week. I will let you know!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Line and Year 4


3rd May

On Tuesday this week, we had an amazing treat. Nicola Benedetti, who is a renowned violinist, played for us in assembly. She explained how she started playing violin at a very young age and by continually working hard and practicing every day she became a worldwide star.  She truly inspired us to keep working hard at all the instruments we learn.

In English this week, we have news reporters writing our own articles on the missing local cats (in Varjak Paw, our class book).  We have acted in drama as news reporters, we have written missing cat posters and we have begun to write our own news reports. In maths, we have been adding and subtracting decimals. We have been solving word problems with real life decimals such as money and measurements.  In science, we learnt about the different types of teeth.  We identified human teeth and used mirrors to count how many incisors, canines and molars we have.  

Coming Up

Wednesday 8th May – we have a trip in the morning. Children do not need packed lunch.  Mrs Fox has organised a local history expert from the Urban Studies Centre to come in. We will be walking around the local area exploring the Blue Plaques and famous local places.

Thursday 9th May – to continue with our learning on teeth children will need to bring in their toothbrushes for our science lesson. Please put them in a sandwich bag to keep them clean.

Tuesday 14th May – another trip! We will be heading to the National Archives to look at London through the ages from Elizabethan times to Victorian to now! Letters will come out next week. 

Meyer’s Cup Trials will be starting – they will be before school and during lunchtimes. I will let you know whose trial is when.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. See you all on Tuesday. 

Miss Line and Year 4


Here are some photos of the Morris Men who danced on the 1st May for us.

Happy May Day! 

26th April

Welcome back!


I hope everyone has had a lovely time off – I have heard lots about what everyone has been up to!

We have been back to working hard already. In English, we have been mastering speech marks and all the punctuation rules to do with speech.  We have also been being to read our new class book – Varjak Paw! In maths this week, we have solved addition and subtraction problems. We have been using RUCSAC to help us break down word problems into easy steps. In science, we have started learning about animals and humans. This week we began with looking at food webs and if animals are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Finally, in RE our new topic is the Bible. We discovered that the Bible actually has 44 authors and we researched one of those authors, St Paul.


Next Week

PE is on Mondays and Fridays (and just a reminder again that children need to arrive in their PE kits on Friday morning – thanks!)

Nicola Benedetti visiting St Peter’s

On Tuesday morning, we are incredibly fortunate to have Nicola Benedetti coming to visit St Peter’s. Nicola Benedetti is one of the most sought-after violinists of her generation. Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and dynamic presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the most influential classical artists of today. Some of Nicola’s accolades include a MBE, CBE, 2 Classical BRIT awards and playing with orchestras around the world. Nicola will be speaking in a special assembly on Tuesday morning for the whole school about her career, performing for us and answering questions. Why not you read up on our famous visitor and think of a question you would like to ask


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Line and Year 4


5th April

Happy Easter!


This week we wrote our Wallace and Gromit explanation texts, which were amazing. In maths, we tackled division and bar modelling. In science, we put our electricity skills to the test to make burglar alarms. And in RE, we discussed confirmation and communion.

This week we also had our Easter bonnet parade! Everyone put so much hard work and effort into making colourful and exciting hats. We had eggs, chickens, batman, a dinosaur and even real grass on these hats! We showed them off to the parents and each other in a parade around the Scott Hall.

Next Term

We are back at school on Wednesday 24th April.

PE will still be on Mondays and Fridays. And on Fridays children will need to arrive at school in PE kits.


Thank you all for your hard work this term. Have an egg-cellent Easter break.

Miss Line


29th March

This week in English, we are helping Wallace and Gromit with their inventions. The plans for Wallace’s inventions were stolen and we are going to create our own to help.  We have been reading examples of explanation texts, ready to write our own explanations next week.

This week in Maths, we are putting our multiplication and division knowledge to the test. We have been tackling short division using the ‘Bus Stop’ method. We have been multiplying numbers up into the hundreds with column method. We have been solving word problems that involve both multiplication and division.

This week in science, we were investigating if the length of the wire affected the brightness of a bulb. We are nearly finished with our electricity topic and I believe the children are now experts in electricity.

On Friday, we also had our Arts Café. Everyone’s work was up on display and I am so proud of what everyone has created. I hope parents enjoyed looking around.

Big Pedal

Wow…so far, we are 1st place in the ‘Big Pedal Regional Positions for Small Primary Schools, 5-day challenge in Greater London’. Nationally, we are positioned 27th, which is fantastic because there are over 300 school involved. We have one more week to go so make sure you are cycling, scooting or walking to school- that means you too adults!


Next Week

This is the last week before the Easter holidays!

Easter Bonnet Parade is on Thursday – I can’t wait to see your creations. Parents are welcome to come watch the parade in the Hall at 9am

Have a lovely weekend, 


Miss Line and Year 4 



22nd March

Monet’s Waterlilies Arts Week!

There has been so much going on this week – I don’t know where to start!


The art created this week has blown me away! On Monday, we studied waterlilies and learnt how to draw them. On Wednesday, we created oil pastel sketches trying to follow Monet’s impression style.  On Thursday, we fabric painted to create pencil cases. Everyone then used the sewing machines to sew their cases together and put in their own zips. Next, we used applique to add fabric to our pencil cases.  All of the children also learnt how to use an iron – so can now help you at home!  We finished the afternoon with origami water lilies. On Friday, we painted flowers and quilted them using the sewing machine. We then made a felting sample of a water scene.


On Tuesday, we visited the beautiful Kew Gardens. We discovered a whole range of plants and flowers to create sketches from. We visited the green houses and looked at the orchid display. We saw tropical plants in a very warm greenhouse and spring flowers around the grounds.


On top of all this art we had a huge host of visitors. We had workshops with a clown, we had drama workshops based on Matilda, we had Bollywood dancing, we had a Greatest Showman workshop and we even had the Animal Man come in. Miss Line even had to hold a tarantula. Eek!

After all that busy work this week – you all deserve a restful weekend. I am so proud of your beautiful artwork and I can’t wait for the parents to see it at the Arts café on Friday.

Next Week

Arts Café on Friday after school

Yoga is back…

On Wednesday 27th March and Wednesday 24th April at 5.30pm, Miss Cook will be holding yoga classes in the Scott Hall to raise money for Mind charity (as part of her Marathon journey); the classes will be one-hour long and suitable for all abilities, so whether you are a first time yogi or a head standing guru, this class is for you! She hopes to see lots of you there.

Big Pedal…

From  the 25th March until the 5th April St Peter’s School will be taking part in the Big Pedal 2019 and in for a chance to win some exciting prizes. For the next two weeks we encourage you to cycle, scoot or walk to school as much as possible so we are in for the chance of winning; each day Miss Cook will send our totals to Sustrans, who are organising the event at the end of each day.  

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Line and year 4 
















15th March


We had a rocky week as we were visited by a mountain climber.  Our guest had climbed some of the most challenging peaks including Mount Everest! We were lucky enough to try on some of his equipment and learnt a huge amount about mountains.

This week we had extra special visitors. Many of the children’s grandparents came and visited on Thursday. They were treated to a special whole school assembly with some of our favourite songs and a poem by year 5. Well done to Elena and Adam for sharing their favourite memories of their grandparents.

Next Week

It is Arts Week next week! There will be exciting workshops, drama activities, special visitors and of course a whole lot of art!

On Tuesday, we will be visiting Kew Gardens to see their waterlilies. Children need to be on time and with a pack lunch. Thank you for all the reply slips; I am only waiting for one or two more.

Big Pedal 2019

Get set… we’re taking part in Sustrans Big Pedal 2019, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking and scooting challenge. The challenge runs from 25 March to 5 April; it’s free and we would love everyone to be involved.

On each day of the challenge schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling, walking or scooting to school. You can let us know if you or whoever does the school run has cycled, walked or used a scooter by informing your class teacher, who will record it on the Sunstrans record sheet.

It’s a great way to get more of our pupils travelling actively to school and is a simple way to boost their physical and mental health- let’s see what prizes we can win!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Line and Year 4 



8th March


Happy World Book Day!


We have been book mad this week. On Thursday, our class was filled with witches, spies, shadows, foxes, Mary Poppins, Narnian characters, a golden ticket and even a gladiator! I was so impressed by the range of book characters and your stunning costumes. I can see a lot of hard work went into making them. We paraded our beautiful outfits for the parents to see. We then had a treat of a day as we had three guest teachers read to us. We even had a visit from Miss Trunchbull and her chocolate cake!


And on Friday, to keep the book madness going we had a special drama session on Where the Wild Things are. The director gave us 5 stars for our acting and there were many great Wild Things!


Next Week

Parent’s Evenings are Monday and Tuesday

PE is on Monday and Friday

Grandparent’s Day is on Thursday 14th March in the afternoon


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Line and Year 4 




1st March

What a busy first week back!

This week we had DT Food Day - we were making a delicious and healthy lunch of scrumptious sandwiches!  First, we made our own sandwich brand and designed a logo. Then we made eye-catching packaging to make people want to buy our exclusive food.  We also learnt about healthy eating and the main food groups. On Wednesday afternoon, we then made our sandwiches using baguettes and a range of yummy fillings. Everyone’s sandwiches looked delicious – as you can see in the pictures!

This week was also our Athletics competition. Everyone who participated were amazing and put in a lot of hard work. We managed to come 4th in the competition!

And also this week, it was poetry assembly. We performed Macavity the Mystery Cat by T S Elliot. I was amazed by everyone’s hard work in learning the poem and performing so brilliantly. Well done everyone!

Upcoming events

PE is on Mondays and Fridays – apologises for any confusion.

On Tuesday, there is a BOOK SWAP – children can bring in up to 3 books and they will be able to exchange their books for 3 new ones

There is an Ash Wednesday church service at 9am in St Peter’s Church

Miss Cook’s Yoga Night is on Wednesday to help with her fundraising for the London Marathon

World Book Day is Thursday – please dress as your favourite book character and bring a book

Grandparent’s day is on the 14th March – I hope many of the children’s grandparents and elderly friends will be able to join us in the afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Line





















15th February

Terrific Tudors!


What a fun week we have had in year 4 – a school trip and our class assembly.

On Tuesday, we visited Fulham Palace to learn all about Tudor medicine. We began by dressing up in Tudor costumes to become Tudor apothecaries. We then found some traditional Tudor cures made from plants grown at Fulham Palace. We made salves, scented waters, ground herbs and even some jokes to help cure different Tudor illnesses. Together we were able to make Catherine of Aragon (played by Sapphira) feel better again!


On Thursday, we participated in our class assembly. The whole class took part and were fantastically dressed up! Everyone was very professional as they performed loudly and clearly.  The audience clearly loved it and found it hilarious. Everyone should very proud for all their hard work on learning lines and the songs. It was a smash! (Pictures in slide show) 

Half Term

The homework for half term is to learn your group’s part of the poem ‘Macavity the Mystery Cat’. When we come back after half term, we will be performing it in assembly on Friday.

After Half Term

We will no longer be swimming. On Monday the class will need their PE kits.


Well done for all your hard work this term.

I hope you all have an exciting and restful break.


Miss Line  







8th February

Not long now until our class assembly – rehearsals have been going well. Make sure you know your lines and the song. Thank you!

This week we have been writing instructions in English. We have been focusing on chronological order and making sure our reader clearly knows what to do. In maths, we have been working with decimals. This has involved money and working out how much you can buy with it. In science, we have been focusing on insulators and conductors. We found out we are conductors and passed an electric current round the class.

We also had some drama workshops on being safe online and making sure not to talk to strangers.

Next Week

We have our school trip on Tuesday. Please be on time and bring lunch.

Thursday is our class assembly – we would love for you to come and watch.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Line and Year 4

1st February

This week in English, we have moved onto writing instructions. We have acted in some drama work based on how to look after a pet dragon. We have also worked out what exactly are the features of instructions.

In maths, we have been working on perimeter and solving problems based on what we know.

In science, we have learnt about conductors and insulators. We have been testing a range of items to see which ones will allow the electricity to flow around our circuits.

On Tuesday, we took part in an Online Safety Workshop. We voyaged across the sea in a pirate ship with Kara and Winston. Together we navigated them through scenarios of problems they could face online and made sure we were being SMART on the internet.

And on Friday, we were given the scripts to our class assembly.  We are going to be using our Humanities topic of the Tudors to tell the story of the Tudor family line.    

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 and Miss Line 



25th January

In English this week, we are writing our own stories based off The Lion and the Unicorn. Everyone has been imagining what life as an evacuee would be like and have written some fantastic work.

In maths, we are becoming experts on quadrilaterals. We can group, identify and draw a whole range of quadrilaterals. We also have refreshed our memory on angles by finding and identifying them within shapes.

In science, we have been highlighting the importance of electrical safety. We now know how to keep safe around the house from electricity!

In RE, we asked why Jesus called himself the Shepherd. We explored how Jesus guides Christians and looks after his flock.

Finally in Spanish, we learnt to write the full date. We wrote down our birthdays in full form and revised the days and months of the year.


Next Week

Online Safety workshops

Mrs Zalar is running an Online Safety workshop for parents on Tuesday 29th January from 5.30pm – 7pm in the Year 6 classroom. 



We have a class trip booked on the 12th February to learn more about the Tudors. (Details will be given out next week.) 

And advance notice that we have a class sharing assembly on the 14th February.


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 and Miss Line



18th January

This week we have finished off our fraction work in maths and started on coordinates. The class were excellent at plotting coordinates, reading grids and telling direction. In English, we have written a letter as if we were evacuees in World War 2. In science, we have started working on electricity. We have constructed our own circuits to make bulbs light up!

This week we had a slightly new format for our spellings – with three chillies of challenge. Everyone must learn one chilli; most should learn two chillies and if you want to challenge yourself learn all three chillies. Well done to everyone who attempted three chillies – we had some excellent scores from you all!


Next Week

PE will still be on Thursday and swimming on Friday. We need everyone’s kits in please.


11th January 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope you have had a wonderful and restful Christmas. Thank you so much for your gifts – they were very kind and generous!

This week we had some guest visitors of secondary school science teachers. We got hands on with an experiment to make jelly worms! This involved mixing two liquids together to create the brightly coloured and slimy jelly worms.

We have also started reading our new class book – The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes. As part of this, we have been learning about London in the Blitz and being an evacuee.  The class have been sharing their own knowledge and stories about World War 2 and we have all learnt some great facts!

Next Week

PE is changing – we will now have PE on Thursdays and swimming on Fridays.

Homework will be on Mondays and Fridays as usual.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Year 4 and Miss Line 


21st December

Merry Christmas! 

 I hope everyone has had a good half term and is looking forward to a well deserved rest. 

This week we had our carol concert which sounded amazing - well done to everyone who came. 

We also had a special visitor today - the guide dog Lilly.  Her owner Lexi told us all about Lilly's life and how helpful she is. 

I hope you all have an exciting Christmas and New Year. 

Next Term 

We will be swimming on Fridays and have PE on Thursday. 


Thank you for all your hard work this term. 

Merry Christmas 

Year 4 and Miss Line 




14th December

Today we had a special festive treat – we saw the nativity play ‘Hey Ewe!’

KS1 and reception were amazing performers and anyone coming to see them on Tuesday is in for a real treat!

Also this week we had another DT Day.  We made our own tipper trucks that moved by air power. The trucks were quiet difficult, as there was many steps to follow.  However, everyone managed to finish creating their trucks and decorated them beautifully. Well done year 4!

This week in English we have been writing our dangerous stories about Narnia which have been very imaginative and exciting. And this week in maths, we have been learning all about decimals.

Next Week

PE will be changed next week – it will be on Wednesday only. 

Nativity play on Tuesday at 10am and 2pm in the Scott hall

Carols by Candlelight on Tuesday at 6.30pm in the Church

Wednesday is our Christmas Dinner at school.

Friday is our Christmas service in the Church at 9am, please come and join us.

…and don’t forget we finish at 2.00pm on Friday for Christmas. 

Have a lovely weekend,

(Only one week to go!)


Year 4 and Miss Line




7th December

It has been a busy week in year 4.

This week we went on an exciting trip to the theatre. We saw a production of the ‘Snow Queen’. It was filled with colourful costumes and catchy music. We had a great time!  

In English, we have planned and started to write our very own story set in Narnia!

In maths, we have been converting between different measures. We can now compare grams to kilograms, metres to kilometres and litres to millilitres.

In science, we learnt about what makes condensation happen and explained its part in the water cycle.

In RE, we have created some beautiful doves that we wrote on, giving examples of peace.

In computing, we created our own toys out of Lego. We then animated short films about them in groups.

In Spanish, we learnt some Spanish Christmas words and phrases. Feliz navidad!

Bling Your Bike

To promote scooting or cycling to school, on Wednesday 19th December 2018, we invite you to bling your bike or scooter.

Throughout the day each class will share their designs with one another in the playground, a winning scooter or bike will be selected from each class, and the child who wins will receive a prize.

I look forward to seeing all of your creations- good luck!


Coming Up

Thursday 13th December - winning house trip for Fisher House! 

Friday 14th December is Christmas Jumper Day - come to school in your most festive attire and donations will be collected outside school in the morning for the charity Save the Children.

Nativity play on 18th December at 10am and 2pm in the Scott hall

Carols by Candlelight on 18th December at 6.30pm in the Church

Wednesday 19th December is our Christmas Dinner at school.

Friday 20th December is our Christmas service in the Church at 9am, please come and join us.

…and don’t forget we finish at 2.00pm on Friday 20th for Christmas.


30th November

I cannot believe it’s nearly December!

I first want to say that I am amazed by the musicians in year 4! They have all performed so wonderfully on Thursday. They should be very proud of their hard work.  

In English, we have been creating some dangerous story settings.  We have been rewriting some friendly descriptions of Narnia to make them scary and ominous. In maths, we have been learning all about time.  We have been converting between times and learning about 24-hour time. In science, we have moved onto evaporation and the water cycle. We also made some excellent posters about the stages of the water cycle! In RE, we have been discussing Bible passages about peace. And finally, in computing we have been creating prototypes or designs of our own electronic toys.

Next Week

Tuesday is our school trip to the theatre to see ‘The Snow Queen’. Please could I get the last few permission slips back.


Hope to see you all at the Christmas fair tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, 

Year 4 and Miss Line



23rd November

On Thursday, we celebrated International Day! We worked in our house groups and went around the whole of KS2. Year 4 went on a worldwide journey, visiting the frosty Norwegian land of Year 3 to create some Northern Lights artwork. They then warmed up in Year 5’s South African room where they created some patterns and ate yummy biscuits. Next, they visited Year 6’s Argentina, where they learnt to dance the Tango. Lastly, they visited Year 4’s India where they learnt to Bollywood dance, drew henna and ate some Indian snacks.

Everyone was dressed up amazingly – well done for your costumes!

This week we have been working hard in maths. We have been learning about multiplication and division in maths. We have been tested on all of our times tables knowledge and Miss Line was so impressed with everyone’s scores. Keep practising on the tricky times tables to make sure you can do them quickly. We have also been multiplying and dividing large numbers by short multiplication and short division.

In English, we are reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’  We have been finishing off our travel brochures and writing them up to ‘publish’ them. In science, we had an experiment that required a lot of patience as we were seeing how quickly things melted. Whilst we were waiting (and trying not to eat the chocolate), we learnt all about melting points and boiling points.

Next Week

Friday 30th November – Own Clothes Day. Please bring a donation of any bottle for the school fair and in exchange, the children can wear their own clothes on Friday.

Saturday 1st December – Christmas Fair 2 – 6pm in the Scott Hall 


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 and Miss Line




16th November

We have been working hard and having another fun week in year 4.  Thank you to everyone who turned up today covered in spots for Children in Need – from spotty ties to spotty stickers. You all looked great! 

In English, we have been writing our very own travel brochures about Narnia! We have been on the White Witch’s side and trying to persuade the reader to come to her ice castle.  We have been imagining all the fun winter activities you could do in Narnia, including some magical ones.

In maths, we have been learning all about multiplication. We have been multiplying large numbers together with a few different methods from partitioning to short multiplication.  We have really put our times tables knowledge to the test and we showed this with our super scores in our 12 times table test.

In computing this week, we have been designing our very own electronic toys. The class have been thinking of sensors, sounds, lights and speakers they could use in their toy. They have also been discussing input and output devices that could go in their toy. Today they created their labelled design and had a go creating flow charts of what they wanted to happen.


Next week

On Thursday 22nd November we are celebrating International day. The children will be invited to come to school dressed in traditional clothes or outfits inspired by a country of their choice. Throughout the day the children will visit different classrooms and teachers and travel the world. The children will be engaged in a wide range of creative activities including; Music and Art.  They will also learn a little about the geography of the country and will have the opportunity to taste some traditional foods.


Have a great weekend, 

Year 4 and Miss Line



9th November 2018

This week year 4 had a fantastic trip to learn all about rivers!

We walked along the Thames path and learnt about the geography and history of the Thames. We saw lots of wildlife including cormorants, moorhens and Canada geese. We learnt about what Hammersmith looked like in the past from maps and pictures and hunted for traces of the past still here today. 

We had another superb workshop this week for ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. The wonderful Anita Beeden led the sessions and she kindly emailed after to share her enjoyment of working with our class:


“I was so impressed with your enthusiasm, intelligence and courage to participate in discussing the painful, challenging and important subject of racism. I especially want to say thank you to the following: Ryan for asking important questions and showing me how you had really thought about what we were discussing. Oskar's group for acting out the refugee story. Todd, Elena and Annabel for being helpful. Adam and Ammanuel for modelling great pair work to the class. Carry on being enthusiastic, courageous and asking questions.”


After all this excitement of trips and workshops, we also got some great work done.  In English, we have written our own travel brochures with a range of exciting activities from sky diving to swimming with sharks. In maths, we have studied 3D shapes and learnt all about symmetry.  In science, we learnt all about particles in solids, liquids and gases. We tested gases and investigated if they have any weight.

Next Week

Next week is anti-bullying week – we will have some special lessons for it.

On Monday, please wear odd socks!

On Friday, we are asking children to add spots to their uniform for ‘Children In Need’. A few ideas could be spotty socks, spotty tights, a spotty tie, a spotty headband or even spotty stickers on your jumper! The School Council will also be collecting any donations for the charity in the playground before school and will be hosting a cake sale after school outside the Year 1 classroom.

 It was lovely to meet you all at parents’ evening.

Have a great weekend,


Year 4 and Miss Line


2nd November 2018

What a fun week we’ve had!

On Wednesday, we had a whole day dedicated to DT.  We were making our very own balloon powered racing cars.  It was a long process as first we had to design our cars, thinking about how cars move and how to make them streamlined. Next, we drew technical and design drawings to think about materials, shapes and parts of the car. We then got to build our cars and this involved cutting wood with saws to make axles and constructing the chassis. In the afternoon, we got to decorate our cars with a bit of help from Mrs Nicholson. Lastly, on Friday afternoon we got to test our cars out and take them home!

This week we have also had some exciting English lessons. We are going to make our very own travel brochures next week and to prepare we have been researching brochures online and identifying the features. As part of English another thing we have done is perform a poem that we memorised by heart. We performed to the whole school and they really enjoyed it. Everyone in the class knew the poem and performed beautifully – they should be very proud.

In maths, we have looking at 2D shapes. We now can classify triangles and quadrilaterals. In science, we have been defining what makes a solid and a liquid by investigating in our table groups. And lastly in RE, we are looking at the Beatitudes and what they mean to Christians.  

Next week

Tuesday is our trip day – we will be leaving promptly after registration so please do not be late. Everyone needs to be wearing a coat and please bring packed lunch. (No nuts.)


Have a great weekend,


Miss Line and Year 4




19th October 2018

This week we have been celebrating Black History Month in school.  In English, we have learnt and have written all about Rosa Parks by creating our own diary entries. In History, we had great fun turning what we learnt into drama. We also had a fun workshop on Black History Month. In assembly, we got to amazing hear singers from a gospel choir. Then today we wore red clothes and had a special assembly on Red Card for Racism.

In our spare time this week we have also managed to master subtraction in maths. The class can now confidently subtract numbers all the way up into the thousands. They can also solve tricky missing number problems by using the inverse. In RE, we have now finished learning about Hinduism with our last lesson telling us the story behind Diwali. Finally, in computing we have finished our maths games by adding in costumes, sounds and movement to the game.


The class needs to memorise the poem given. They will be tested when they come back. If it gets lost – please email me.

After Half Term

PE is on Monday as usual – please do not forget your kit.

On the 6th November we have our first class trip of the year to explore Rivers for our Humanities lessons. Please bring back consent slips. 



It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Family Supper last night; many thanks to those that contributed some very delicious and tasty food-what a wonderful community we have at St Peter’s School!

Thank you for all your support and help over these first six weeks at school; enjoy a well-earned rest and I will see you in just over a week.  

Please ensure that the children read over the half term.

Best wishes,

Miss Line and Year 4



12th October 2018

This week we were able to experience some fantastic live music at the Albert Hall as the children attended Primary Proms. It was a great opportunity and the class enjoyed their trip.

We have been busy in English writing our reports on our own unique species of dragon. The work they have produced is brilliant and they should all be very proud! In maths, we have been excellent at addition and solving problems with numbers into the thousands. In science, we are nearly finished our unit on sound with some further work on changing pitch this week.  We have also done some great work in computing, with everyone creating their own maths games with different backgrounds and characters.


Next Week

We are lucky to have a Gospel Choir to sing for us at Tuesday’s assembly and parents are welcome to attend.

On Thursday it is Family Supper – so please come along and bring a dish to share and eat. I can’t wait to see you there at 5pm. (Please have no nuts in your dishes.)  

And finally it is ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ day on Friday so children please come to school wearing your uniform, but with a red token added.



5th October 2018

This has been a musical week for Year 4!  In science, we learnt all about musical instruments and how to change the pitch. We experimented with guitars, violins, wind chimes and little harps.  It was very noisy! We also had a bit of a change with music this week, having it on Friday so we can practice for the Harvest festival (on Monday).

In English, we have been creating our own dragons and making detailed plans to help our report writing next week.  This class has created every type of dragon from sparkly, diamond dragons to fierce, elemental dragons to dragons that will cook dinner for you.  

In Maths, we finished our work on place value on Thursday.  We spent the week working with negative numbers and reading thermometers.  We learnt what Celsius means and how to compare temperatures even in negative numbers.  Luckily, the weather has not been cold enough yet for these skills to come into use.


Next Week

Monday – Harvest Festival at 9am in St Peter’s Church. We would love for you to join us. Please ensure that your child brings a donation with them for The Upper Room - tins of food or dried non-perishable goods.

Wednesday – Primary Proms at the Albert Hall. It promises to be a spectacular show, filled with music from around the world. We do need one or two more parent volunteers so please let Miss Line know if you can join us.


Have a great weekend,

 Miss Line and Year 4.



28th September 2018




We have been busy this week! We spent the beginning of the week writing up our Fantastic Mr Fox scripts to be put up on display. Then we got the most exciting news: dragons have been spotted flying around Disneyland and London. We have created wanted posters and can’t wait to find out more about these magical beasts.

In maths we have been tackling number lines that reach all the way to 10,000. The class found it slightly tricky but we kept on working hard. We have also been counting in 25s and 1000s to make sequences.

On Wednesday, we learnt about recycling from our fantastic visitors who challenged us in a race to recycle. We have made some beautiful posters and will keep on learning with this week’s homework.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Line and year 4.


21st September 2018

We’ve had another full and fun week in Year 4! We’ve been learning how to write playscripts based on Fantastic Mr Fox and we have been creating our own adaptations of chapters 9 and 10 which are looking amazing. Everyone has taken great care in using the correct structure and punctuation to make them look very professional indeed!

In Maths, we learnt how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, using our place value knowledge.  We have also been partitioning in new tricky ways. We will get to see how rounding can be useful in real life situations with our homework this week.

In RE we continued our Hinduism topic, this week learning about the various sacred texts that Hindus have and compared them with Christian sacred texts. In Science, we have learnt how we hear and labelled diagrams of the ear.


Homework – Thank you for supporting your child with their homework. We had some wonderfully written Roald Dahl pieces last week and most work is being done to a very high standard. Please ensure that all homework is completed neatly and handed in on the correct days (Green – Friday. Blue – Monday.)

Thank you also for all the fantastic reading that has been done and has been signed off by parents. Keep it up!


 14th September 2018 

Our first full week in Year 4!

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 4. Settling quickly into routines and working hard.

In English we have been enjoying the play version of Fantastic Mr Fox. To kick-start our unit on play-scripts we have been acting parts from the play to the rest of the class. We have been thinking about characters, stage directions and setting. In Maths we have been discovering Roman numerals and solving problems using them. We have also moved onto rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. On Friday, we tested our times tables knowledge with the four times tables. Remember to keep practising the times tables at home!

In Science, we began our topic ‘Sound’ by carefully observing different musical instruments and objects that vibrate to make a sound. We got to make rice jump by banging on drums to see the vibrations of sound waves in action.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the open classroom and welcome BBQ on Thursday. It was so wonderful to get to know you all better and for you to see all of the fantastic work we have produced so far.

On Monday we have our PE lesson. Please remember to have your full kit in school. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 and Miss Line


 7th September 2018

Hello and welcome to Year 4 and the first of our weekly blogs!

My class teacher is Miss Line and my TA  is Ms Royer. We have had a fantastic start to the year, settling quickly into new routines and have taken part in lots of fun activities with enthusiasm and beaming smiles on our faces!

We've written about our summer holidays; my goodness have we had some adventures this summer! We have also been busy acting scenes from Fantastic Mr Fox and performing to our class. We have written some lovely prayers about what we are thankful for and thought about being a good friend to each other. 

Overall, it’s been a wonderful start to Year 4 and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year will bring!


Dates for the diary:

Please make sure all PE kits are in school on Monday as we will be starting our PE lessons next week.

Thursday 13th September - Open Evening and Welcome BBQ. Join us in the Year 4 classroom between 5-6pm to take look around the classroom and then head on down to the BBQ in the Scott Hall Playground from 6pm.

Have a lovely weekend!

Year 4 and Miss Line