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Welcome to Year 6



Our class teacher is Mrs Adcock. Our teaching assistant is Mr Glick and our LSA is Miss Bell.

24th September  

Marathon success!

Today marked the highlight of our week as we attempted to run a marathon to raise money for Macmillan. The children were absolutely fantastic; we smashed our target by running over 900 laps of the playground and reached a grand total of 28.9 miles, making it an ultra marathon! Huge well done to everyone- it was a real team effort and great to see the children encouraging each other along. Thank you to the other classes who came to support us- it really helped.  Thank you so much to those of who have donated already. Please continue to donate through the link sent out by ParentMail.

Here are two group photos- more to follow:


Running, running and more running!

It’s been an active week in Year 6, which is fitting considering it was National Fitness Day on Wednesday.

In honour of the day, Year 6 took part in the daily mile, around Ravenscourt Park. The children did amazingly and all tried their very best – even the teachers did! Here is the before and after pictures. See if you can work out which is which!


One of the biggest excitements this week is that the class have now been matched up with their buddies from Reception! We did our first Buddy reading session today and it was truly wonderful to see Year 6 be so caring and kind. The reception children are in very safe hands!

In the classroom

In the classroom, we have continued to be busy with our learning. In English, the class have written biographies about a person of their choice. I have read about a huge range of people from Helen Keller to Tilly Ramsey, to Nelson Mandela. They have been wonderful to read and I am feeling very knowledgeable  about all sorts of people now!

In maths, we have begun looking at fractions. It is wonderful to see the class pick up on their learning from last year so quickly. We will be adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions next week.

In R.E., we learnt all about the work of Bible translators in spreading the Christian message. In Science, we were problem solving with circuits and working out why certain circuits were not working. This gave us a chance to recap scientific symbols for electrical components and also practise drawing circuits. In History, we took a trip to the Agora in Ancient Greece and learnt all about everyday life in Ancient Greece.

It’s been a busy but brilliant week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Adcock

17th September

It was lovely to see many of you yesterday at our virtual open evening – thank you for joining.  I hope you found the meeting helpful and informative.

We have had a great week in Year 6. As I said last night, I have been so impressed with how Year 6 have settled into being in and the effort they are putting into their learning. We found out ambassador and House Captain roles earlier today. It was lovely to see the children be so supportive of those that got certain positions when I’m sure there was disappointment for some. All the children have been given a role and I look forward to seeing what the children bring to each responsibility!

In English this week, we have been writing biographies about Roald Dahl. The children have put in a lot of effort to edit their writing and used a range of clause structures to add information. The biographies were engaging to read – well done Year 6. Next week, the children will be using what they’ve learnt to write a biography about someone of their choice! 

In Maths, we have been busy! We started the week adding and subtracting negative numbers by remembering sandbags and hot air - ask the children to explain! Year 6 were introduced to BIDMAS which they loved and also recapped the place value of decimals. They have all worked very hard. Next week, we will be learning about fractions.

In R.E., we considered why it was necessary for early Christians to write down their beliefs in the Apostles’ Creed. In Art, we have continued to work on our beautiful tree artwork. In History, we enjoyed looking at the Ancient Greek myth ‘Thesus and the minotaur’ and considered whether there was enough evidence to prove that aspects of the story were true. Finally, in Science, we learnt what the scientific symbols were for electrical components.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Adcock


10th September

First full week back

This week has been a big week for Year 6 what with Mayor’s Cup trials, House Captain speeches, ambassador nominations and their first full week of Year 6 work. I am so proud of how the children have taken it all in their stride! 

The children spoke so confidently and clearly when delivering their speeches and it was lovely to see each of their personalities shine through. I was so impressed with how all the children performed- they had clearly prepared very well. The children of St Peter’s have a very difficult choice to make!

In the classroom, we have also been very busy and the children have made a great start. We have been learning about place value in Maths and it encouraging to see the children picking up quickly on concepts we learnt last year. The class had lots of fun playing two different maths games this week all about negative numbers!

In English, the children have been researching and finding out about Roald Dahl’s personal life. We have enjoyed reading his book ‘Boy’ this week. Who knew he was such a mischievous child! Next week, we will be writing a biography about Roald Dahl. The children are looking forward to doing their own research about someone who is inspirational to them for the next part of the unit.

We have also made a good start in Science, where we are learning all about circuits.


Finally, in RE we discussed our big question- ‘How has the Christian message survived for over 2000 years?’ and learnt about how the first disciples were equipped to spread the gospel.

It has been a fantastic week. Well done, Year 6.

Mrs Adcock


3rd September 

Welcome back!

We have had a wonderful start to Year 6. The class have begun the year maturely and with great enthusiasm. They have already shown that they are ready to be at the top of the school and have been trying very hard to be good role models to the younger years which is fantastic.

It has been so lovely to see the children again and to hear all that they have been up to over the summer!

Over the past two days, we have talked about the expectations of being in Year 6. The children shared that they were feeling excited and nervous! We have written about our hopes for the coming year and created some artwork for display.  I am already impressed with the children’s focus and positive attitude which will be so important as the year progresses.

I am very much looking forward to another year with this class and hope your child is excited about all the fun things that Year 6 involves. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.  

Things to note

Please be encouraging your child to read as much as possible! This children will need their reading books in school every day. Each child should also be reading every day at home and will need to fill in their reading records in 5 times a week. Thank you for your help with this.

P.E. will be on Monday afternoons. The children must arrive in school in their uniform and bring their school P.E. kit to change into.